Local carpenters can do it.

I was searching for carpenter to make a mattress to my flat. Finally, I found there are a lot of carpenters/mattress makers in Cairo. They make me a wonderful comfortable mattress filled with Cotton ( the Egyptian cotton of course) . Now, I'm sleeping well. and have sweet dreams.

Egyptian Rice

Serves four

2 Medium onions
3 cups rice
tablespoon butter ghee
tablespoon salt
tablespoon tomato paste
teasp pepper

Very thinly slice the onions and fry in the ghee. Dont let them burn but let them caramelize and become sweet and very soft.
Add the tomato paste salt pepper and stir for a minute.
Take rice and wash thoroughly, and drain.
Take damp rice and add to the pan with the other ingredients and stir on a high heat for 3 mins.
Then add water till it cover rice and the level is 1cm above the rice. Bring to the boil and immediately lower temp till it simmers gently for 2 mins. You must put on the lid at this stage.
After 2 mins switch off the gas and leave lid on for 15 mins without lifting lid!!

You should now have perfectly cooked rice

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