Google chrome

This browser launched by ggoogle is wonderful, I just wanted to share the features I have seen with all of you

features of google chrome

Top view of Cairo

This area in down town cairo, a good view of the street of cairo and a less traffic thank the rush hours.

Desert road to pyramids

This Video shows camel ride through the desert in Giza, Egypt to visit the pyramids

The first disposable Tampon is made by the egyptian

I just read that The ancient Egyptians invented the first disposable tampons made from softened papyrus.

The traffic in Egypt

Think This day video is captured from the most crowded are in cairo. It is from a high bulding showing a top view of cars and traffic. There is also something like an old palace.

cairo citadel

the citadel is located near alfostat garden And sour magra eloyoon.
Think It is knows as old cairo

Cost of a tel call to US from a landline in Egypt

I found that today

Calls to

Africa – Asia –America – South America – Hindi Western Islands – Australia – Pacific Ocean.  

3.50L.E- 4.5 LE

Canada – Europe – Caribbean Countries  
3.00L.E-  3.50L.E 

you can control your pill by subscribing to  Call Barring

To subscribe to this service you need to contact Telecom egypt

Hadar Mawt restaurant Egypt

I took this video in that hospital in Faisal area, There is one in Agouza area also.
It offers something called menaddi ( menaddy ) food. I think It is Yemeni recipe.
I ate a yummy meal. There is also an arabian seats ( 23da 3arabi) قعدة عربي

cake of menopause

Ingredient Name Quantity

Soya flour -
Whole wheat flour -
Porridge oats -
Chopped stem ginger
Ground ginger -
Nutmeg -
Cinnamon -
Raisins -
Linseeds -
Sunflower seeds -
Sesame seeds -
Sliced almonds -
Malt extract -
Soya milk

mix the upove with milk and soak- bake- eat

How to format Hard drive using windows vista

I thought It can be useful to all of us. The steps to partition the hard drive using wondeows vist, Let's see the video.

sweat potaoes french fries

How to prapare sweat potatoes french fries. A recipe that not all of us love. I personally love both sweat potatoes and normal potatoes. I also love chipsy.

Words that describe Egypt X y z

I just saw this and thought It is funny to share
Egypt is
X - xenophilic (may be stranger loving area )
Y - Yummy
Z - Zany (funny actions)

Information on sixth october city governorate or city in Egypt

Here I collect saome information about the 6 october city located Near Giza area. It is a large city. There is a lot of markets there Hyperone and carefour.  It is quieter than downtown cairo and Giza and the weather is nicer that other places with less contamination. You can find nice villas with gardens over there. There is also dar alfoad hospital and some private universities. Transport by can be done by CTA Air-conditioned bus from Tahrir or Ramsis or Giza , It costs may be 3 pounds.It take about one hour ride by car to the downtown ( if you are in a non rush our time)

I found the following universities which are located in that egyptian municpality name from a wiki website

I searched for some videos then I found this one showing the 3 lane road to 6th october.

Mubarak and the noble prize for peace

I heard today that President Hosni mubarak is ( or may be) one of the candidates to win noble prize for peace.if that Happen It will be the seconf egyptian president to win the peace nobel prize after Anwar elsadat.

What is noble prize?

 nobel prize was launched after the will of Alfred nobel ( the dynamite inventor) 

I think 3 other egyptian got it, one  in chemistry who is Zewail ,  and peace.

the storming Financial crisis in USA

I read today in the egyptian news paper that America will pay about 800 $ to counteract the ongoing financial crisis. I was thinking today what is behind this financial crisis. will that have an influence over the egyptian? I think yes it will.

cairo Egypt Nile opera view

This video shows The nile
Qasr el nil bridge
opera square
the two lion of qasr elinil ( asdeen 2sr elneel)
reading for all sign in opera

Schooling has bagun in egypt

In Egypt, Today about 19 million students ( according to ahram ) returns back to school.

Students will buy a uniform, books, pencils, notebooks and stuff for the school. There is about 10 days for the feast any way. what will the student buy the feasy stuff or the school stuff or both?

school in egyptian is madrasa
university in egyptian is gam3a
faculty/college is kolia
education is ta3leem

How to make and prepare fuul

This Video is exclusive for I added it to show the way to prpare fuul with the Olive oil as you know there is some other types of fuul
see this link

الفول I know fuul is the beans in English

construction ezz steel egypt

today, I read that Hadeed ezz price of construction exceed 5000 LE per ton.
Think That means an increase of the real estae price/rentasl fees in egypt.

chineese milk scandel

Today there , i knew there is an accident where some babies died or got sick when they ingested a milk in china. I think this may happen when milk is expired or rancid oe badly stored.
There is a real problem , may be in the distributons or the manufacture or the storage.
NB .milk price is jumping nowadays with the oil rpices

carrot salad useful for Daiabetic people

I just saw that this salad recipe is very important to diabetic patients.
This youtube video show the carrot salad, As I know, It also important for the good functionalities of the eye.
It has garlic which is also good for diabetic people

When chicken see you eating their eggs

what do you think of what they do.? first let's see the hatching of the egg

Back to the subject in question, what will happen when they see you eating their eggs.

cars crowd in Egypt

This shows a lot of cars in egypt , on 6 octobre bridge that cover a vast area in cairo and Giza

GPS map showing 6 october bridge

This is an image on nokia running Gps showing 6 october bridge in cairo.

Order sandwich in Egypt

Wherever you are in cairo or Alex, You can Get your sandwich

Mo'men & Cook door restaurants and easy-to-get take-away sandwich

Just call 16600 from your egyptian telephone to get Mo'men

or 16999 to get cook door

Eldowe2a or eldeweqa

Ok I heard this on Tv today, In this area in Egypt, Eldewe2a or eldeweqa o ( I dunno) has fallen over a house and there are a lot of deaths.
Picture below

chloramphenicol found in honey

I just read this, It says that Honey in Egypt is contaminated by chloramphenicol which causes some harmful effect in bone marrow. chloramphenicol is an antibiotic which is sold in pharmacies. Is it good thing that we eat chloramphenicol combined with HOney which fight agains bacteria . May be some can say yes and others will say no.

Alexandria tour Egypt 2008

For anyone of you who may miss Alex, warch this video. It brings some olden good memory to me.

Total asks and Total Bids

I heard this today When the total bids increase over the total asks, Prices decrese.

and when the total asks decrese below the totals bids, price increase.

Sleeping of Eye

Every one of us sleep. Who does not?! In My opinion, people who sleep early is doing a good job for their life in their life.

Lack of sleeping can cause a lot of discomfort.

In my opinion, The Eyes are the most important things that can gain when you sleep well. Eyes usually shine when you sleep.

The eye does sleep, we need to know this.

Is it more than a death?

I was on my way to Alexandria and I was riding as microbus driven by an Alexandrian Driver.

When We reached the check point, A man from the police came and asked for th IDs of

the passengers. He picked some people and wanted to ask them a private question in the

Kiosk. We waited for those people to come for some time. then the drivers and us wanted

to go without them. The driver was afraid to ask about them then he encouraged himself

by asking this strange question to himself in a heard voice. He said " Is it more than a death?"

I just remebered this incident yesterday. according to this phiosophy.When you want to encourage

yourself, you canquestion yourself about the consequencies of these things, if it is not more than a

death, It will be no problem.

Inside the Tomatoes

Inside the tomatoes there is sponge like red material and a seeds. When you live inside the tomatoes  you are living in a red wet cave .  Lol Just imagination

 However, I love  sugary tomatoes

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