three chefs chicken pane or chicken crisps in egypt

excellent chicken to be prepaired in 4 minutes
dagag pane or chicken pane is your choice for a quick and yummy chicken in egypt to be prepared at home.
put ketchup or mustard or even tomatoes in your sandwitch
can be served with french fries
or cat beeaten with macarona
Enjoy a delcious meal belhana wal shefaa2

mercato super market or hypermarket

a good super market in madinet nasr near midan al sa'a ( sa3a)
phone 02-24194941

 very declicious ready-made cooked egyptian food can be bought from there

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Tom and basal or tuum and Basal

It is a name of a restaurant seving Falafel( taameya) and Fuul ( beans) located in Madient Nasr( nasr city) . it is close to City center and city stars and is located in Midan al sa'a ( the clock square) or the Watch square)

tuum Garlic

Basal means Onion

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Kosah recipe

Kosah Recipe

Cut the zucchini into circles and add the tomatoes juice to it and boil
add the Salt and the pepper ( sufficent amount)
Add some  meat soup to the mix well
add some Butter ( saman baldi) or zeet dorah ( oil of zea ( corn Oil))
name of the recipe Kosah Matboa7'a ( cooked zucchini)
yummy egyptian recipe
Belhana wel shefa


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