Cost of Living in Egypt

Let us construct a budget 

Subject Single Male/Female residing in Cairo:


Rent: A two bedroom unfurnished apartment in decent yet not upper middle class apartments. Costs minimally 750 L.E, if you want to go lower then we are talking poor areas or areas that are out of the way. I know people who pay as little as 10 L.E a month rent but these apartments are under rent-control from the 60's. Ok say someone wants to live real simple and they choose a poor crowded area and the rent is indeed 350 L.E

Rent 350 L.E living in a lower class neighborhood … go to goggle earth and such area is the most crowded (you can't even make out the streets)

For neat areas in Dokki, Zamaelk, Mohandissen, Al maadi a furnished flat can cost you minimally a 3000 LE/Month. 

Electricity: The subject has:

Ceiling Fan in Bedroom and Living room
Small TV
Water Heater in bathroom

Total cost approximately 30-50 L.E a month probably lower if he decides to rig it like most poor folk do in Cairo. Let's say the average is 40 L.E

Internet connection: 50 L.E because he is sharing with his/her neighbors

Phone: Without even talking it will cost approximately 17 L.E a month just for the fees, so say the subject talks a little. Total monthly phone bill 30 L.E

Gas, Water, Garbage: I don't know how much a gas canister costs as I had central gas, but let's say all three utilities amount to 15 L.E a month.

Mobile Phone Recharge cards: Everyone including their bowab and grandmother has one and let's say the expense totals a measly 15 L.E a month

Transportation: Let's say for example the subject rides a microbus r/t but a short r/t distance on the Metro. This would total approximately 65 L.E per month (representing all business days)

The total so far is 515 L.E or about $90


Let us work on the bare minimum here and I won't even go into what is required for adults in terms of dietary portions from the basic food groups.

Breakfast Fuul + bread + tea + 1 egg = 1.25 L.E daily x 30 = 37.5 say 37 L.E

Lunch Koshari + Water = 2 L.E daily x 30 = 60 per month

Dinner 1/4 chicken + Bread + Tomato /cucumber salad = around 5 L.E whether you buy it cooked or cook it yourself. 5 X 30 = 150 L.E monthly

Food total = 247 L.E or $43 dollars a month

The Total so far is 762 L.E or about $133

This does not include any groceries for the home. Not one single newspaper, not one glass of juice, no money for any kind of medication, gum, candy, desert, etc

No fruits or vegetables and no dairy. We are adults we need dairy just like kids do for our bones. No entertainment money, no going out money, nothing on top of nothing.

Sleeping, walking & eating can be had for 758 L.E/$133 dollars a month in Egypt. Some miraculously make it on 250 L.E/$44 dollars a month.


Keep in Mind to add 10 % -20% of Inflation rate every day, we are in 2009-2010 so keep that in mind. These number are collected in 2007.

Feel free to ask any question you want to in the comment so I will come back to you to answer.

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