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smart phone

What does it mean?
Smart phone is a non-stupid phone. It means it can understand what you are looking for.
Is there smart phones and non-smart phone?
What should a phone do other than calling people? I think it should talk to you and amuse
your time and understand your felling and mode.

I just saw a mobile HTC with with with windows mobile phone edition of microsoft. It is a
touch screen phone coming with a 3.2 mega pixel calmera from i 2 egypt.

please call me shoukran vodafone in egypt

Min Fadlak Kallemni shoukran
please call me , thanks
you are in Egypt.
if you have a vodafone line and want someone to call you and get in the chrage,

dial this *505*the telephone number #
the mobile will be sent a message asking the person to call you.

maps of Egypt into nokia mobile

How to download a map into your nokia mobile phone. first, you need a connection of internet and a connection between the computer and the mobile nokia.

download pc suite of the proper model of your phone and then open the program and click nokia maps and the choose the proper nokia map service. open the application and choose egypt to make the propgram download the map from the internet and then install it in your mobile.

after you finish, you have a nokia map of egypt into your mobile

Egyptian Fawar Fawakeh

I tooked to an egyptian Doctor and he told me that there is an endemic microbe in the tap water causing hyper acidity. Those who find their stomach and their chest with a firing pain.
I know there is a microbe known as Helicobacter pilory that cause that abdominal problem.

Egyptian do consume a lot of that Fawar fawakeh which is shown in the above image. I also think this can increase the blood pressure and lead to hypertension. ouff!

Fire on the Parliament of egypt

I saw it on Egyptian Tv but cant believe this, how was that done? and who is the reponsible?

VOD era

what is VOD?

VOD is Video on demand. you want a video order or search or just click on it. tv  and other stuff are an old fashion. what is beyond VOD? It made me think today.od 

yalla good nuit

Egyptian woman multiple birth in Alex

I just saw that on tv, that alexandrian woman gave birth to 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls,
yeb2a enta akeed akeed fi masr
(hence certainly  you are in egypt )
just wanted to share this  with you

nokia maps of egypt

Well, My Dad bought me a mobile nokia n82. It isa a wondeful device coming with a lot of options and software that can make life easy. in the olden days, people were buying maps abd keep calculatibg of their oub kocation, and distances between places. now we have mobiles We just downoad the map into the computer then install it on the mobile phone and make the A.gps antenna calculate the location and track you. Perhaps , For sure, Technology made peoples life easy and rapid.

Depressed mode

Today, In a depressed mode and thinking of doing some new things. I Language exchange is awesome but could not find any one to exchange the language. I am sitting here awake in the morning while the guy who is working with me is sleeping. I opened some video share sites today in the morning. May be those clips made me bothered. My stocks is in a lazy trading market. Should I ran or walk or sleep. My energy is fading out and I have nothing much to do these days. will I learn french or listening to some lessons. I cant even write posts in my key board. Am I ok?

chemcials in egypt

Where to buy chemicals, pesticide, dyes in Egypt

Share3 elgesh  ( El gesh street) in Attaba ( 3ataba) area in cairo  is the place where you can buy chemicals , pesticide, dyes. El gesh in egyptian means the army.

I took the metro train from Faisal metro station and it passed by gamea alkahira ( cairo university) metro station and El-bohos metro station that one near Makar which sells cars. Elbohos means researches. And then I passed by Dokki metro hen anwar elsadat metro station. Then opera metro station then anwar alsadat metro station. Then , mubarak ( ramsis) metro station then attaba metro station where there was crowds.

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