In the morning:
Saba7ak FOLL ya 3am ...( name) translation: Wishing him a flower scented morning

In the evening:
Misa2ak ward ya 3am...(name)
Translation:have a flowery evening

To say goodnight:
tisba7 3ala Kher ya 3am... (name) ya ameer Translation: wishing you to wake up well Prince

Also, every now and then you can say:

Rabina Ykhaleek lina ya 3am...(name)
Translation: God keep you for us


ya ra'eees
ya ustaz
ya pasha
ya bey
ya mohandis
ya haggah
ya madam
ya 3am al hag
ya 3am al sheik
ya gadda3
wella/yella to a kid or to a young man like an office boy (here just call out sans ezayak)
ya amooura to a woman in an affectionate way
ya amoor to a guy in an affectionate way (women should say this only)
ya prince to guy who is looking dashing or attempts to look dashing
ya ossta to a driver
ya captain

Disclaimer: Some of these are for addressing someone and ezayak might not be necessary

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some starting words for people in arabic

Good morning in arabic == saba7 alkhayr
Good after noon == Massaa al-khayr
to grandma:
menawara ya nena = You are enlighting us , Grand ma
gedoo enta amar= you are a moon, grandpa
Ahlan b7adritak.=welcome
Ezay 7adritik?= how are you?

To children:
hat bossa = give a kiss to me

Aboud station

Cairo "Aboud station" Located Near Shoubra using a microbus or shared taxi
(aka peugeot) , you can go to Faquoos , Mounofia, Sharqiya, 3'arbiyya,
Upper Egypt. It's not an easy and comfortable cars. The roads are very
uneasy. NOT for a solo female. If you are a female you gotta have a male
For any question, Leave it in the comments

Calligraphical photos inside Egypt

highly decorative handwriting inside Egypt.
The image
On th walls
This is nice
The image

The image

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Some egyptian fruits( names and photos)

this one with spines
names in arabic Altien alshoki (
Prickly fig)


this one is without spines. Altien albarshomy


this is Kiwi


This is the cherry red bar2o2 (plums)

Kommetra (pear)


 water melon
Arabic: al-battee'7 (Albatteekh)


These look like rather manky pomegranates = roman   -

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This is my pc picture

<a href=""><img
src="" border="0" alt="Image
Hosted by" /></a>

The picture of My pc. I really have no idea why I'm so unorganized. I'm a
bit lazy with no motive to organize my life. Sigh, Going to bed now.

Never tell your girl friend

According to Glamour magazine, 83 percent of women tell their friends secrets to their husbands.

So women, if you tell your girlfriend something, 83 percent chance she will tell her husband. But the good news?
One hundred percent of the men aren't listening anyway.
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Adsl2 in Egypt. when?

Some Wiki information about ADSL2
ITU G.992.3 is an ITU (International Telecommunication Union) standard, also referred to as ADSL2 (and Seamless Rate Adaptation). It extends the capability of basic ADSL in data rates. The data rates can, in the best situation, be as high as 12 Mbit/s downstream and 3.5 Mbit/s upstream depending on line quality. The distance from the DSLAM to the customer's equipment is usually the most significant factor in line quality.

Esh Lonak

What color are you? If some one asked you this question. what should You
answer him? in Khaliji Arabic, when they ask someone how he is, they ask
what colour he is( Esh Lonak).


Ahwa is the Middle Eastern-style coffee that's very popular throughout Egypt. This thick, strong brew comes in varying degrees of sweetness, and the most popular version is the moderately sweetened mazboot.

Citadel of Qaitbay( Alexandria)

Some information about it Citadel of Qaitbay from some references.
The Citadel of Qaitbay (or the Fort of Qaitbay) is a 15th century defensive
building located on the Mediterranean sea coast of Egypt, built upon/from
the ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt. It was one
of the buildings constructed during the reign of the sultan Qa'it Bay.

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Flax Seed Oil

zeyt 7aar/ zayt 7ar/Zeet bezret el-kettan/flaxseed oiL
the one that they put on fuul.
It's great on baked potatoes or freshly toasted bread. 
Linseed oil is sold by ISIS in their stores and in super markets..but the best is the flax seed oil pills in pharmacies containing omega 3,6 and 9 that are good to combat cholestrol triglycerides and hypertension.

cairo pics

Al-Azhar Park

Moqattam Hill


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