In the morning:
Saba7ak FOLL ya 3am ...( name) translation: Wishing him a flower scented morning

In the evening:
Misa2ak ward ya 3am...(name)
Translation:have a flowery evening

To say goodnight:
tisba7 3ala Kher ya 3am... (name) ya ameer Translation: wishing you to wake up well Prince

Also, every now and then you can say:

Rabina Ykhaleek lina ya 3am...(name)
Translation: God keep you for us


ya ra'eees
ya ustaz
ya pasha
ya bey
ya mohandis
ya haggah
ya madam
ya 3am al hag
ya 3am al sheik
ya gadda3
wella/yella to a kid or to a young man like an office boy (here just call out sans ezayak)
ya amooura to a woman in an affectionate way
ya amoor to a guy in an affectionate way (women should say this only)
ya prince to guy who is looking dashing or attempts to look dashing
ya ossta to a driver
ya captain

Disclaimer: Some of these are for addressing someone and ezayak might not be necessary

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