The origin of the word " Egypt" or " MISR"

Here is some points of views I receive from experts:

-Egypt is a Greek corruption - Aigyptos, derived from the native Het-Ka-Ptah, which means house of spirit ptah. Copt is also derived from Aigyptos.

Misr is Hebrew from Misraim. Misraim was the son of Ham, in Hebrew mythology.

Esoterically - the word Egypt is derived from the first letters for the essence colours
Emerald Green, Yellow, Pink, Turquoise (E-G-Y-P-T)
which are the colours associated with the ancient 32 foot tall egyptians that originally came from the stars and lived in Egypt before the flood ... those that delve into these mysteries will see these essence colours appearing electrically so there must be some truth to this...

The name Misr is a Semiticized form of Ancient Egyptian:
Medjr = walled district
Medjre = tower, fortress

These Ancient Egyptian words became Meetsrayeem [Egypt] and Meetsree [Egyptian] in Hebrew, and in Arabic; Misr and Masri respectively. It is the same as Westerners calling China, China, after the original Qin dynasty emperor [Tschina]. The Chinese, however, call their country Zhongguo or 'the Middle Kingdom.'

And yes, it could be by derivation ("double-wall") have come to mean the two lands...


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I am a bit taken back by the misinformation inluded in this entry.

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