Life with Noisa

I am feeling annoyed by those beside my building having a big party in Egypt. The noise here is impossible. I can not stand. It is thurusday today and Those are like Afraa7 ( Egyptian wedding parties)

Tell me what is going on there with you now?

Here I made something up

Life without you is a torture
it is you who I want
loved you and still
I did and do and will
these are words are from hill
Stay with me never run
more than a word from two lover
or dream of a child
indeed i do you love

Gozet el teb

جوزة الطيب the egyptian name of the nutmeg
 WARNING: Large amount can lead to respiratory choking. If you want to use it you should put only traces of nutmeg.

The image

Egypt seas difference

in My opinion the Meditarranean white sea is more wavy than the Red sea. The meditrannean sea fish is less delcious than those of the red sea.
Bori is yummy fish actually. I do like it so much.
The above pic is for the Bori fish which I do like.


A recipe containing meat strips, spices, tomatoes, Dill and parseley ( few) , It taste very Good. Preparing and cooking it can take about 1 hour.
Here is a simple method to prepare shawerma at home

1-cut the meat into tint strip then leave them into vinegar and salt
2- on a pan , put those meat and put some fats and cut onion into tiny strips.
put some strips of green pepper an. leave on small flame till the meat is ok
before it is almost finished put some tomatoes and Dill, parsley on the fire with the shawerma and you are finished.
PS.You should put some salts and pepper into the mixture

The image

Egyptian shorba or broth

I won't write so much.
Shorba or شوربة means the broth.
You add the meat or the chicken after washing it with salt and vinegar and then by water. to the water and cut the onion, veggies, and cardamom, felfel (pepper) and salt and spices .
then boil and leave till the recipe getting ok

Al-basal or onion or the egyptian broth

It is the Tearing bulb succulent plant. I think Egyptian do love to put this Fruit inside the meat or chicken  broth. It gives a nice taste and it can be hypnotic. If you are working, I advice not to eat this onion containing broth. In weekends, it is funny to eat it and have a good rest after eating.

Cooked onion is nice but uncooked one sound like  harmful to the mouth odour.

Ginger or Dill is a good thing to counteract the odour of the uncooked onion.
in Arabic the onion is called al basal or al-basal البصل

Pies or Feter at Attaba Square

Today, It was the week end here in Egypt. I got a cute walk in Attaba near Azbakia fence and garden, Near 23 July street I have found a guy selling some pies and Pizza. I made up my mind and I went to buy some pies and a pizza from him, It was not expensive but it tasted delicious actually. Down town never stops to amaze me actually. I also tried a sandwich of shawerma and Kofta. They were also wonderful. I was a bit paranoid but today, I was courageous enough to try that Food.

I have tried pies with jam, sugar and that was the one with honey one which I missed.
Actually It is called Fetera ( the plural is Feter) which I tried and The guy who makes and sells them is called Fatatry.
The image

Pistachio nuts or Fosdoq

I bought that pestachio nuts yesterday from a market cairo. Th Kilo cost 55 LE.
I ate it. It gives a lot of energy actually. Egyptian put thotse nuts in desserts like basbosa. I have written here about how to make basbosa .

the name in arabic is فستق


No Way area

Looking at some parts of life, you can detect that there is a no way area. People who are searching for love and honesty , they should find it. while people who are searching for hatred and cheat , they should find it. The balance is always on. If we want the truth we should get it. What does it mean to live without what you love?
 Love your life whatever It is. The weather here in Cairo is wonderful ( a bit cool ) . I am eating boiled Eggs today with spices.  Meeting new GOOD people is always a good choice to relax but  where you can meet those people. Some times I don't find those kind of people and I get targeted by those bad ones. But  I discover that  I will be good at the end.
I am off now to Midal al tahrir for some walks.
See ya

The pyramidal shape of Egyptian Culture

Today, I am thinking of how the pyramids affect the Egyptian culture
Look at the pyramids and you can conclude a lot of things. The Pyramids seems like established by kids in the old time as a baby toy. The business pharaonic people are looking for higher things to do.

The image

I think Old people was huge in nature and taller than us. that can explain a lot about the pyrmaids and the sphinx.

Egyptian Co-ordination

Beauty without wisdom or wisdom without beauty.
I like fifty fifty, 50 beauty and 50 wisdom, Someone gets into the library and order a French fries, burger and milk shake, is that person sane by any way? One also gets into  butcher's to get a T is a small challenge can Some one drink some milk after a grilled fish meal? The answer is that this is stomach abuse. Our body systems should detect the capacity and coordinate with each other. Feeling is a good thing, the stomach should feel the brain and the brain should feel the stomach.
The Government and the people should work in co-ordination.
The experience of Life should be written down and preserved for the upcoming generation.
That can be my opinion.

Have you heard about the stowaway rat in that plane which scares the passengers. Imagine you are in a plane and sleeping and once you found something playing in your leg and finally you discovered it is a rat. Will you scream or do something ?

Meat, Peas and carrot in Cairo

Today, I am going to cook Peas with carrot and grill the meat. I bought The peas and the carrot from Awlad Ragab super market Near the fourseasons hotel in Giza. It is a refrigerated bag from the label is " Basma". I cook either sauté with Olive oil or normal with tomatoes sauce like most Egyptian do. I boil the meat before grilling and and after getting out from the grill squeeze some lemon. It tastes good.

By the way, peas in Arabic is besella باذلاء أو بسلة
carrot in arabic is Gazar جذر
meat in Arabic is La7ma لحمor la7m

Culture shock or culture look in Egypt

Let it be A culture look, In Egypt there are a lot of wonderful things to see. Let's try to be flexible. Egypt is Gameela and we love it. I hope so. The weather here is a bit cooler but nice.

How to download a youtube Video OR ANY VIDEA?

The easiest way for downloading a youtube video is to use that program ez screen download.

The first step you download this program from this link

Then after installing that progaram, open the youtube link and leave it till completely loaded ( till the red bar is fininshed)

then open the program and press the record button and make a mark upon the youtube video  ( that part of the screen you want to download)
Then press record and then press play the video on youtube.

You are finished now, press stop and select the place you want to save the you record and click save.

Be a better sports nut! Let your teams follow you with Yahoo Mobile. Try it now.

what is she3riyaah?

ٍshe'riyaah or she'reya is type of paste which looks like a think filaments. It is added to rice ( rozz) in Egypt to make rozz bel shi3reyaa. you should first let them get fried in the oil or the butter for some seconds  then cook them. I cooked shi'reyaa bellaban ( shi3riyaa with milk ) yester day. It tastes wondeful
The image

Anti-aging cream and Olive oil

When I asked her about her age, she told me I will not answer you.I was thinking today what a woman will never ever ever tell her age. I think this is because a woman want to boast about herself like the Turkey .or may be I don't know.
But A man can detect the real age in some times, while in some cases Age can be hidden by sight. Some ladies use anti aging creams to hide their real age. The Olive oil is a wonderful anti-aging,
in Arabic the olive oil is zayt alzaitoun or zait alzaiton or zeyt al zaton, زيت الزيتون

Al-jazeera in Egypt

Al-jazeera in Arabic means like the Island in English. Aljazeera is a satellite channel and news agency in Qatar broadcasting news and stuff. Aljazeera is a good title for a post that is why I posted this post under that post.
Aljazeera can be a name for a trade mark for building and construction service.
Aljazeera is a perfect place to stay if you don't wanna be bothered.
aljazeera is something that was not discovered till now.
Aljazeera can be a machine for desert growing.

I'm rambling today as usual.

Al-Qahwa or El qahwa or el2ahwa or the egyptian Cafe

The title of the posts is the Arabic  name of  The cafe. Egyptians use this name to refer to The coffee and the cafe. People can be served  a lot of things in the cafe. 7agah sa23a  ( somethings cold ) ,  Lemon juice,  Sa7lab ( it is something hot but nice to take), 3annab ( or annab , or hibiscus ) , anise ( or yansoon), Helbah ( or 7elbah for  fenugreek )  , Shaay ÔÇí tea , coffee or qahwa . It is usually males who are sitting there.

Super Crunchy Sandwich in Egypt

Yesterday,Someone get me a wonderful sandwich which is named as Super cruncy. It tastes yummy. with those French fries and ketchup.
Then take some apple or pineapple  juice to digest. 

Egypt fuul belhomos

It is a full added to it some ground hummos. It tastes  nice in sandwich by lebanese  or syrian loaf of bread   ( 3esh shami) شامي
then cut some tomatoes upon the fuul

The Egyptian Mause or banana

الموز the banana or  el-mause or almause. I bought it for 3 Le and some times for 3.5 LE.
I bought banan from different places in Egypt. It seems like there are different prices and different sizes. I have read that Banana is wonderful to treat depression and improve the mood.

Egyptian koshary step by step

I ate koshary yesterday. I tastes good. how to make that koshary?
boil some paste
boil some rice
rinse then boil some 3ads be gebba or 3ads begebba عدس بجبة

boil Some 7ommos

burn some strips of onion ( basal)  with some oil to make the ta2leyya التقلية

prepare the sauce as you like. put some tomoatoes sauce with some salt and some onion or garlic and condiments or spices.

the do22a الدقة   I think it is formed by some vinegar and some garlic ثوم thum

mix all of those ingredient with the quantity you like in a dish and mix  then eat bel hana

What is Esh feno and esh Baladi ?

It is Esh or 3esh means Bread in Egyptian
Esh Feno  عيش فينو
May be It can mean it is a french bread.
peti ban smal 3esh feno used for sandwiches
It is the bread which egyptian usually eats at Night

While The esh baladi or 3esh baladi, it is the Bread which Egyptian eats in the morning. It is usually with wheat brain or Raddah.

a one  loaf is called  re3'ef رغيف or reghef

Kobri Abu el elaa in Egypt

I think it is that  bridge that connect  Zamalek with el sabtiah  It looks over the river nile.  The Bus I rode today passed over that Bridge. I get this old picture of that bridge from the internet. they say it is  1931.

Kobri abu al 3la or Kobri abou elelaa كوبري أبو العلا

Wekalet al-bala7

It is called wekalet albala7 or wikalet albala7 or weklaet el-bala7 or elbala7 or just el wekala. It is located near the 23 july street ( Isaaf area) . It is like a big super market and bargain where you can get clothes, used car spare parts.
the arabic name is وكالة البلح which literally means the agency of the dates.I knew that this name is due to the fact that people were trading the dates during the old time ( may be the pharonic time or later). It is near to the NIle side by the way.

I think  The majority of people women. They like super markets. But I think this place if for the moderate class people in Egypt.
The image

Biological clock

What is Bilological clock|? It is al-sa3a albiologiah in Arabic. That Means the clock which is biological in nature. In my and your own body system, There is something that awake you when you are sleeping. you should adjust this clock by a a routine. You have a couple of choices here either keeping this clock or corrupting it. you should go for the first option.
Is there also a biological clock for countries like Egypt ?I think yes  of course

Egypt slogan Vs American slogan

I was thinking today about the difference between the two slogans. I just get something. We have a wolf and a sheep and a Dog . An Egyptian slogan is " Beat the sheep to  scare the wolf " while the American slogan is " Beat the dogs to scare both the Wolf and the sheep"

I look like too tired to continue today . good night

what can be an Egyptian snack food or snack dish?

I think I don't like canned food actually. I do search for a a natural snack food. Hence we find most Egyptian are consuming natural cultural Egyptian snack food. Let's spot some light upon the Egyptian snack food or snack Dish.

  • sudany or sudani (peanuts)
  • Lebb asmar or lebb masri or lebb masy لب
  • Hommos or 7ommos
  • Termis ترمس I see egyptian eats that in spring
  • fishar ( popcorn)
  • 3een al-gamal
  • fozdoq or fozdo2
  • soromba2 ( it is extracted from the sea)
  • Mishabbek or zalabia
3een al-gamal or 3en el-gamal
The image

This one is Mishabek
The image
I think Those snack dishes are usually having high energy or calorie content

Toys for Egypt

When I was a kid, I had some toys and puzzles from those known trademark like Fisher price and Ledo. I think I enjoyed those games, toys and puzzles. in my opinion,  Now, The kids worldwide are deprived of Joy and enjoyment of playing. That can be because of the poor economic state or mass destruction wars or something else. Any way, I am not going to look for the Egypt, there is a doll called Fulla , It is a movie cartoon character. This was for girls. what about Boys? I think boys tends to playing Xbox and playstation games.

There are a lot of stores of Toys in Egypt actually,  There is a place in Dokki Mesaha Area near Orman garden called "My Kids" or happy Kids or something like this . I don't remeber the name actually.

Franchise in Egypt

The image
I remember I was playing Ghost buster game and I should keep the franchise by beating all the ghost around the city. Now, Technology is allowing you to get a real franchise online. If I have money and a good place, I will search for a franchise for business. I think Egypt need a lot of international stores .I am going to find something   Keep it in secret. My cat is crying
wa domtom bekhayr

The best trade in Egypt

I think Egypt market is fertile because of the fact that the population in Egypt is huge and increasing. In Economics, the more people, the more growth. Investment in Egypt is fertile. There are a lot of good famous Sectors of investment in Egypt like: Cotton gaining sector, mining sector, transport sector, housing sector....
I think The problem is that the financial support may become weak. I watched Ron Paul yesterday, Euro/$ is increasing while he is speaking.

Egyptian Ahly fans are not polite

When in Comes to Sport in Egypt, I find people seems like they forget that sport means practice and politeness.I find Egyptian people are only fans for sport but a lot of them do not practice any.I find They Egyptian people are looking for  sport news for fun and riot. I have seen that match with Alnegm alsa7ely, It looks like the fans attack the other Team because it won the cup while the Ahly did not.
The besides the bad language and insulting lyrics they use in the match.
Should We call that sport? I call that offensive arrogancy myself. There should be ethics.

what about the Health care in Egypt ?

As we know, Health care is the value of a civilized nation.I think Egyptian Health care is not bad . Egypt have countless of clever health professionals. The problem is that we need a strict organizing system here. From news I see The Egyptian minister of Health is doing his best. I guess there will be a good improvements in Health care in Egypt. I expect a great progress in Health care on the upcoming days.
But Let me write about some negative points. I feel like there is no system that regulates the relation between the health professional and the patient. That means It  can be difficult for a patient to report a doctor and vice verse.
 This can be a narrow opinion and I can be wrong.

here is the website of the Egyptian ministry of health and population
(we zaret al se7a wal sokkan fe masr)
The number of ambulance in
Cairo [dial from a land line]  (3 or 2) 5743235
Giza [dial from a landline ](3 or 2 )5615459
you can find the other Egyptian governorates in this link

Egypt bridges should be taken into accounts

Weeks ago, We heard about that Bridge collapse in Minneapolis , Today, I heard something similar has happened  in  Dubai. They say There was a bridge in Marina Dubai and It collapsed. The problem now is who is responsible for those accidents. People life is not a game. There should be safety and security standards. There should be an international laws to guarantee the lives  of those who dies in those accidents. Why does not the UN legislate something stating about those horrible accidents. How will the kin of those labourers do if they got no enough support. The Egyptian government should also do the security and safety issues to secure the bridges.
I hope to hear something about new legislation for safety Roads and Bridge in Egypt and in every European , Asian, African countries .

Where to eat Ice cream in Egypt?

Best thing you make it yourself, Here is the recipe for the ice cream.
it may be the easiest recipe for ice cream
3 cups of milk
1 cup of sugar
3 eggs eggs white

Mic the milk with sugar then mix the eggs white and mix till they become homogenous
Then you should prepeare some cream chante with some Vanilla about 4 cups and put them portionwise to the  mixtures. Stirring is important.
Try this, it should work. I did not make it personally I just heard about it.

How to make that Grilled Egyptian Kofta?

I am not sure, but it can be easy. you get a minced meat ad some fragrant ( coriandre, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, clove, salt, pepper, onion,  compress those fragrant and leave them to catch the fragrant. after some hours. make them as balls and but them in  Pyrex and bake them. after about 45 minute, get them out and squeeze lemons upon them (while hot).

Egypt Madinati in Cairo-Suez road

I don't know why I find it difficult to start a living into a place far from down town. It might be ok for some of you to live in Madinaty. Buying an apartment in Madinati can be a good option fro people who have no connection with downtown area. but to be fair , People,  who are searching for tranquility, can find a lot of rest in Madinati.
The prices there should be cheaper than the prices of the downtown or mohandissen or Dokki apartment. If they are of the same prices, then I think People should go for those old areas. The subject here is money investment, buying an apartment can be  a good investment on long and short term. so I think People should calculate it right before.
People say " Madinaty will be the biggest all inclusive city in the Middle East."
 I don't understand this statement. what will be new in that Madinaty city?
Who cares if it is Big or not? There is something here I do not understand.

Egyptian Hairdressers or barbers might be an insult

When someone dislike you , he can say that you are "Hallaq or 7alla2 or 7allaq" that means you are a hairdresser. May be That is because People are used to view the egyptian hairdresser or the Egyptian barber as boring bugging person.
 To be honest, I think some of them might be boring and some is not. With due respect to hairdressers and barbers around here .

Egytian Sad Al-7ank Halawa Recipe

Sad al-7ank or sad al-hank. This means blockage of the mouth. Probably this is because this recipe make you too saturated to eat again.  

wheat ( Daqqeq)
butter ( samna)
sugar ( succar)
some water

Put some butter to the pan and add some wheat  and mix well till the red color appear.
dissolve the sugar in water and add them portionwise to the wheat-butter mixture.
you should mix till the consistency is good. you can put some snack in that recipe.

I think this looks like an Egyptian dessert the way It tastes nice.
The image

How to make EgyptianTahina salad?

cut the tomatoes into pieces then add them to the Tahina after dilution with some water and  some vinegear and salt and lemon. you can also put an entire  branch of Dill or parsley.
Hint: I think Tahina is a raw material. you can buy it from a grocery in Egypt. Just tell the seller you want a jar of Tahina ( Bartaman  Tahina). I think they manufacture this Tahina from The sesame ( the semsem).

How to make Egyptian Falafel ?

The smell comes into your nose while you are moving, then Your secretion of saliva starts, you dream of that Egyptian Falafel Sandwich. The more hot the Falafel is, The more fun you get.
Now, The question is how  one can do that Egyptian Falafel?
First off , you should prepare the paste of ta'miya. you can see this post then you fry the balls of Falafel on a hot Oil. while frying, prepare the Salad,  you can make cut some tomatoes with coriander,  and cut some dill within the tomatoes,  squeeze a lemon ball ,  some lettuce and/or carrot strips.
Put them all in a Shammi piece of bread ( that Lebanese white and thin Bread)
Bon appetito and belhana welshefa

Egypt spinach against cancer ?

I don't know why I think so. Today I ate a spinach. We bought it from those people sitting and selling the veggies. It taste wonderful. I think They cook it with the green coriander , tomatoes and rice. I was thinking that this spinach must have something that has a cancer protecting activity. Some people say this spinach is not of an egyptian origin but it is of a French (Français) origin.

Washing the spinach is very important because it can contain E.coli bacteria . I think One can wash it by vinegar then by water.

The image

The Egyptian girl met her Austrian Mother after more than 20 years

When I heard this story, I was thrilled. I was very astonished. The story is that there were an Egyptian man married an Austrian woman. After sometime, the woman became pregnant and gave birth to a girl. The baby girl must have had both Egyptian and Austrian Features. Things changed and There was a separation between the couple. Finally the girl went with her father ( I do not know what really happened). The girl was asking about her mother. After long years, It sounds like the girl received her birth certificate and her Austrian Mother name is written in it.
The girl went to the Austrian Embassy in Egypt to find that There are a lot of similar stories reported to the embassy. Finally, The girl found a man who wanted to help her. This man is located in Austria. He Looked up for the name in the Austrian authorities. He found the mother in a town in Austria. He traveled to her and called her and told her he had old papers for her. she responded to him saying she had nothing old thing absent. He showed her a picture of her and her daughter. Once he told her that her daughter wants to meet with her mother. she  cried very much. I think This moment is very hard to describe. If you are a mother, you can understand this feeling. after She met her daughter  and hugged
 her although they speak different languages, lived in different cultures. now I think the girl want to stay with her mother,learn her language  and take care of her.

Sweet egyptian potato or patata

I was searching for a recipe including those sweet Egyptian potato. It is very cheap I get it for 1 LE per Kilogram. I usually grill it after washing. I was thinking then I find this posted by Micky

* 3 cups mashed sweet potatoes
* 1 cup brown sugar
* 2 eggs, lightly beaten
* 1 teaspoon vanilla
* 1/2 cup milk
* 1/2 cup melted butter
* .
* Topping:
* 1/2 cup brown sugar
* 1/3 cup flour
* 1/3 cup melted butter
* 1 cup chopped pecans

Combine first 6 ingredients. Pour into a buttered 1 1/2 to 2-quart casserole dish. Mix remaining ingredients together and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350° for 30 to 40 minutes, until hot and browned.
Serves 6 to 8.

Egypt Bugs or Egyptian Bugs

Living in Egypt is an adventure. You meet a lot of Insects and bugs. In This post, I am going to post some of the bugs and insects I have seen in Egypt.

1- Ants in Egypt : I have seen 2 types. One is small one and those are my kitchen fellows and the others is big in Size and those I do not like.
Arabic name is Namla (sing.) and Naml ( plur.)

2- Coakroach in Egypt ( singular word in Arabic Sorsar and the plural is Saraseer )
I do not like them . I had one few time ago and It make a noise at night. I do not know how it make this annoying sound.

3-Spiders in Egypt : Those make homes and networds in the flat if you travelled for a long time or did not clean for some time, you can find those homes clear. The spider sounds that he hunts the other egypt bugs.

4- I have seen also bees and some Hard ticks( may be).

5- Flies, The egyptian fly seems like Very bugging. usually these days, once I open the window or the door . they come inside bugging me.

6- Worms in Egypt. They some times come with some vegetables.. Sometimes, It happens to me that I see a worm coming from The Qoronb ( of the mahshi recipe). They also can infect clothes, I think one should put some Naphtahlene on  the Expensive clothes that stay a long time into the cupboard.

7- Gecko in Egypt . They name it as Al-bors. I usually kill or try to kill it whenever  I see one.

I also hate the rats and mice in Egypt. They are black or grey and  usually offending me. I once get a trap and capture one.

I once went to Giza Zoo. I went to the area where you find snakes , Cobras, and other reptiles ( I think ). They are very weird world. Luckly I did not meet any ones in Real Life in Egypt

The image

There is also Bugs and insects that Is beautiful. I had this picture as my desktop wallpaper.

The image

by the way, I think Bugs and insets are everywhere, what do you think?

Yansoon or anise

I do like anise. the are very good seeds. The hot one can relieve the Cold flu you had in Egypt. Imagine you had a cup of Anise while you are staring at the river Nile.
This is good time in the life .
Egyptian names anise as Yansoon   ينسون
The tree of anise looks wonderful also.  See below

Runny nose in Egypt

Today, when I got up, I had a runny nose. In egypt, The temperature gets cooler at night so One should be careful.actually I think  I may not  have been well prepared to that cold temerature. I got some lemon juice after I got up and I think It is fine now. Some people tells to take a pill of Panadol as It may work for common cold.
Some tells to drink an Anise cup and It is wonderful in this case.

2ota or 2oota

Egyptians name the tomoatoes as 2otta. Here, a  guy is just screaming like "Geneeh we noss ya 2ota" Meaning 1.5 Le for tomoatoes.
Most Egyptians eat 2oota in Pasta and veggies recipes.
This should not be confused with 2otta means Cat in Egyptian.

Transportation prices in Egypt

In Egypt, Because Taxi fees are not fixed ,Taxi drivers can cost you more that the fees. you should be aware of the correct rates.
 I heard about the city Cab project in Cairo and Alexandria. They have a number you can call and order a car with  a driver who will ride you to the place you want. I heard The rates are fixed per Kilometer ( not Sure)

If you are traveling inside Egypt from town to town you should go  for Super jet buses, Trains or planes , I think They are usually of fixed prices so Don't need to worry so much.

jebna or Gebna

Jebna Qareesh or Gebna Qareesh جبنة قريش
It looks like a low or non  white cream Cheese. All what you need is some of this cheese and tomatoes and some olive oil to have a wonderful Breakfast (Iftar).
you cut the tomaotes into pieces and put them with the cheese and mix well.
then add some amount of olive oil and mix.

Miyya miyya Ya rayyes!
Woow, it is Yummy !

Energy game in Egypt

While I am reading here and there, and talking  to some people. I got some ideas about New sources of Energy in Egypt.
1- Solar Energy: Good source of energy and heat. this energy can be tranformed into electricity, heat . storage of latent energy into substance that keeps it.

2- Nuclear Energy: from Newspaper I heard they began to use it.

3- preparing Petrol material from Living organic waste products under certain condition I think this is possible. Industry is progressing and We hope one day we can see people making their own oil and petrol.

I don't know if those new things are taken into consideration or not.
The image

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For Ego in Egypt

Different point of view can evoke an intellectual conflict. In Egypt, I see there are a lot of points of view. The problem is that every one think that his or her point is right.
then an Ego defending-attacking dispute arises. Like all the world countries, I think This ego issue should be eradicated as soon as possile.
What do you think?
The image

Sugar cubes

I have seen this sugar cubes being sold in Egypt. some people say they are good for the sore throat and the larynx. I see something like Japanese or Chinese writings on the cover of these sugar cubes. that imply they must be imported.
They are nice when you want to relax, you put some cubes and absorb slowly.
some Egyptians calls this { Sucar nabat } translation the plant of sugar.
the name can have a near meaning but I am not sure.

Transportation process in Egypt

I am a bit depressed while I am talking about transportation in Egypt because I just had a bad experience. I took a bus
from Cairo Gateway station in Ramsis district, The bus stopped in about midway and the driver told me that the car had a problem and It is supposed that another bus will
come to take us. We waited for about one hour, till another bus came by chance and took us.

Sigh, There is certainly something weird in the transportation in Egypt. Let's approach some stuff in details.

1-Taxis : a lot of taxi drivers are greedy. they demand a lot of money. One should be firm while dealing with them.

2-The underground : It is usually quite crowded. but I think there is no problem from females as Females have their own carriage.
The UG also does not cover all areas in Cairo.

3-Micro bus, You must be lucky if you could catch any microbus. but if you could take the bus from the beginning of the line it might be easy.

4-Minibus, in Rush hours they are usually  crowded.

5- planes, I think it is quite safe, good and quick for travelling among Egyptian cities.

6-private cars  are stuck in the crowded street a lot of times.

7-walking on foot in Cairo is a best choice. It can be a kind of sport and transport.


  This was just my opinion. I might be wrong

krispy fillet chicken

I can prepare this the time I am in Egypt.let me write about  how I make krispy chicken. marinate the fillet chicken in vinegar and salt for 40 minute then wash and put some black pepper, salt and lemon. fork the chicken to allow the condiment to get inside the chicken.
fry it by wheat and coriander miture.

It tastes very good.

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Ping-pong or tennis table in Egypt

I liked that game when I was a kid. Nowadays I am playing ping-pong in Egypt while I am talking to people.
When you talk you ping, when you recieve some talking you pong and so on.
so It is like ping-pong ping-pong. I have read in some points of the history of ping-pong in a wiki site.
that is what I have read "The game has its origins in England as an after-dinner amusement for upper-class Victorians in the 1880s. Mimicking the game of tennis in an indoor environment, everyday objects were originally enlisted to act as the equipment. A line of books would be the net, a rounded top of a Champagne cork or knot of string as the ball, and a cigar box lid as the racket".
Nice match and hard luck, egyptian fellows.


It looks like the flower of a plant.
It is a veggie recipe. It is cooked with tomato sauce.
You can prepeare it by this way.
cut the  the Qarnabeet into pieces then put them into a boiling water
after sometime, take them and wash then fry them in oil. then take them and add to a pot and add the tomato sauce into it.
you can put some dill and parsley to them for facilitate its digestion.

Egyptian Bread and Regime

There are a lot of types of egyptian bread. One of which is that bread containig something like Wheat bran. This wheat bran is wonderful if you want to get a weight loss because it can give the body a false impression of saturation hence a weight loss. I have also mentioned About Talbina which also have some good effects on weight loss.


I have no idea what this name came from. It is as if an egyptian dessert recipe. Some egyptian housewives can prepare it.
It is like a sweet paste divided into small pieces. They put some falahy butter( a butter from the country side)
It tastes very nice actually. but I'm not sure how they make it.
It is yellewish white color.

landline telephone bill in Egypt

Telecom egypt usually reveals the bill every 3 month. This company is the only landline phone provider in Egypt.
I think The tariff of one minute for a local phone call is for about  7 piasters ( not sure)
You can cut that bill down if you don't consume alot of outside-country calls. you can use a billing card like Marhaba or mofta7 alzero for outside calls.
this can lead you to control the bill.
by the way, you can get an e-bill online from the telecom egypt website ( you have to use IE while using that website).

Taameya paste

Sometimes I got taameya paste and fry it in my house. It is a good option if you want to avoid eating the oil the egyptian restaurants use.
you can prepare that paste by your own veggies. then before you fry it , you can add an egg to the paste. Eggs usually give a nice taste and consistency to Taamiyya.
The content of Taamiyaa can be onion, dill, parsley, beans, GARLIC ( and some others green veggies) .

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How to beautify the bathroom?

I got some ideas today after I have seen some pics of the bathrooms of the presidents and governing people.  You place flowers and candles every day in the bathroom. By the way this pic of the below bathroom can be located in Cairo. Don't be amazed.

The image


Mooz bel laban or Moozbellaban  ( Banana with Milk).

1/2 kilo banana
2 glasses of Milk
4 spoon sugar

cut the banana and add to the blender with the milk and the sugar then turn on the blender then put it it in the fridge
The image

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