what can be an Egyptian snack food or snack dish?

I think I don't like canned food actually. I do search for a a natural snack food. Hence we find most Egyptian are consuming natural cultural Egyptian snack food. Let's spot some light upon the Egyptian snack food or snack Dish.

  • sudany or sudani (peanuts)
  • Lebb asmar or lebb masri or lebb masy لب
  • Hommos or 7ommos
  • Termis ترمس I see egyptian eats that in spring
  • fishar ( popcorn)
  • 3een al-gamal
  • fozdoq or fozdo2
  • soromba2 ( it is extracted from the sea)
  • Mishabbek or zalabia
3een al-gamal or 3en el-gamal
The image

This one is Mishabek
The image
I think Those snack dishes are usually having high energy or calorie content

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