The Egyptian girl met her Austrian Mother after more than 20 years

When I heard this story, I was thrilled. I was very astonished. The story is that there were an Egyptian man married an Austrian woman. After sometime, the woman became pregnant and gave birth to a girl. The baby girl must have had both Egyptian and Austrian Features. Things changed and There was a separation between the couple. Finally the girl went with her father ( I do not know what really happened). The girl was asking about her mother. After long years, It sounds like the girl received her birth certificate and her Austrian Mother name is written in it.
The girl went to the Austrian Embassy in Egypt to find that There are a lot of similar stories reported to the embassy. Finally, The girl found a man who wanted to help her. This man is located in Austria. He Looked up for the name in the Austrian authorities. He found the mother in a town in Austria. He traveled to her and called her and told her he had old papers for her. she responded to him saying she had nothing old thing absent. He showed her a picture of her and her daughter. Once he told her that her daughter wants to meet with her mother. she  cried very much. I think This moment is very hard to describe. If you are a mother, you can understand this feeling. after She met her daughter  and hugged
 her although they speak different languages, lived in different cultures. now I think the girl want to stay with her mother,learn her language  and take care of her.

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