Egypt Madinati in Cairo-Suez road

I don't know why I find it difficult to start a living into a place far from down town. It might be ok for some of you to live in Madinaty. Buying an apartment in Madinati can be a good option fro people who have no connection with downtown area. but to be fair , People,  who are searching for tranquility, can find a lot of rest in Madinati.
The prices there should be cheaper than the prices of the downtown or mohandissen or Dokki apartment. If they are of the same prices, then I think People should go for those old areas. The subject here is money investment, buying an apartment can be  a good investment on long and short term. so I think People should calculate it right before.
People say " Madinaty will be the biggest all inclusive city in the Middle East."
 I don't understand this statement. what will be new in that Madinaty city?
Who cares if it is Big or not? There is something here I do not understand.

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Anonymous said...

what doesn't you understand in that?

the old areas you mentioned are over populated and everywhere you find a crowd, and you can barely get out of one of these areas in an hour and a half to reach anywhere else

Madinaty is not about being BIG of course.

for God's sake all what you got from the ads about madinaty that it is big??? dont u have brains?

it's a well designed, clean, modern, all inclusive city

it's about living in a better place than all of the areas you mentioned and did not

it is too far and too expensive, but it's worth it....i wish i could be able to live there

think rightly before you say nonsense and ask such silly questions

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