what about the Health care in Egypt ?

As we know, Health care is the value of a civilized nation.I think Egyptian Health care is not bad . Egypt have countless of clever health professionals. The problem is that we need a strict organizing system here. From news I see The Egyptian minister of Health is doing his best. I guess there will be a good improvements in Health care in Egypt. I expect a great progress in Health care on the upcoming days.
But Let me write about some negative points. I feel like there is no system that regulates the relation between the health professional and the patient. That means It  can be difficult for a patient to report a doctor and vice verse.
 This can be a narrow opinion and I can be wrong.

here is the website of the Egyptian ministry of health and population
(we zaret al se7a wal sokkan fe masr)
The number of ambulance in
Cairo [dial from a land line]  (3 or 2) 5743235
Giza [dial from a landline ](3 or 2 )5615459
you can find the other Egyptian governorates in this link

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