Ping-pong or tennis table in Egypt

I liked that game when I was a kid. Nowadays I am playing ping-pong in Egypt while I am talking to people.
When you talk you ping, when you recieve some talking you pong and so on.
so It is like ping-pong ping-pong. I have read in some points of the history of ping-pong in a wiki site.
that is what I have read "The game has its origins in England as an after-dinner amusement for upper-class Victorians in the 1880s. Mimicking the game of tennis in an indoor environment, everyday objects were originally enlisted to act as the equipment. A line of books would be the net, a rounded top of a Champagne cork or knot of string as the ball, and a cigar box lid as the racket".
Nice match and hard luck, egyptian fellows.

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