How to download a youtube Video OR ANY VIDEA?

The easiest way for downloading a youtube video is to use that program ez screen download.

The first step you download this program from this link

Then after installing that progaram, open the youtube link and leave it till completely loaded ( till the red bar is fininshed)

then open the program and press the record button and make a mark upon the youtube video  ( that part of the screen you want to download)
Then press record and then press play the video on youtube.

You are finished now, press stop and select the place you want to save the you record and click save.

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ana said...

great take on Egypt. few people write from the food perspective. Thank you so much for this post, i have been wondering how to do this for a long time and am very computer bleugh, so this is soooooo handy. Thanks for telling us how, i am sure it will be very useful

The Blogger said...

YOu are welcom Ana Nice to hear from you, I am glad that you ike it.

Anonymous said...

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