Pies or Feter at Attaba Square

Today, It was the week end here in Egypt. I got a cute walk in Attaba near Azbakia fence and garden, Near 23 July street I have found a guy selling some pies and Pizza. I made up my mind and I went to buy some pies and a pizza from him, It was not expensive but it tasted delicious actually. Down town never stops to amaze me actually. I also tried a sandwich of shawerma and Kofta. They were also wonderful. I was a bit paranoid but today, I was courageous enough to try that Food.

I have tried pies with jam, sugar and that was the one with honey one which I missed.
Actually It is called Fetera ( the plural is Feter) which I tried and The guy who makes and sells them is called Fatatry.
The image

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