Egyptian Co-ordination

Beauty without wisdom or wisdom without beauty.
I like fifty fifty, 50 beauty and 50 wisdom, Someone gets into the library and order a French fries, burger and milk shake, is that person sane by any way? One also gets into  butcher's to get a T is a small challenge can Some one drink some milk after a grilled fish meal? The answer is that this is stomach abuse. Our body systems should detect the capacity and coordinate with each other. Feeling is a good thing, the stomach should feel the brain and the brain should feel the stomach.
The Government and the people should work in co-ordination.
The experience of Life should be written down and preserved for the upcoming generation.
That can be my opinion.

Have you heard about the stowaway rat in that plane which scares the passengers. Imagine you are in a plane and sleeping and once you found something playing in your leg and finally you discovered it is a rat. Will you scream or do something ?


Anonymous said...

No I think I would let the rat get where he was going =)

Anonymous said...

....i'd let him go because maybe he is scared of the passengers too and just trying to get home?

Wow that is a deep question though!

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