Escrow the Internet Security line

Do you sell or buy online? If not you know, you may not know about esceow.
"Escrow services are intended to ensure security by acting as a middle-man in transactions where the two parties do not trust each other. Rather than sending money or goods directly to the other party (which is insecure, as one or other party must send their item first, at the risk that the other party may not then send theirs), party #1 sends their items X (usually money), to the escrow service, which holds them until the party #1 receives item Y, the service sends X on to party #2. If either party fails to deliver their part of the deal, X will be held at the escrow service and eventually returned to them."

Do you feel it? Buying Flower Online

Looking at some Flowers, I feel That Life is of a great scent , wondeful taste and cheerful Colour, Yesterday, I came across a website where you can actually buy Flowers online.
Here is the web site, , Imagine the Feeling when you are at home or at office and you find some one comes to you and say This Flowers are for you. What a Feeling!

I also posted something about Flowers in Egypt in the Past here.

here is the original post when you want to wish a rosy flower morning to someone in Egyptian
In the morning:
Saba7ak FOLL ya 3am ...( name) translation: Wishing him a flower scented morning

In the evening:
Misa2ak ward ya 3am...(name)
Translation:have a flowery evening

Netbook vs notebook

There is a new thing known as netbook. It is a low small computer that is optimized to run internet and hook up with a wlan and access the internet. The price is lower than a laptop because it does not have all the features of the laptops and the speed is reasonable. If you are in a need for a quick low priced internet enabled device, Go for a net book. I rememberI saw that in a shopping mall in Cairo

Western union Addresses in Egypt

Their number is 19190,  can be reached from a land line or mobile line 





Money Transfer 





Money Transfer 

Cairo, MAADI 
Money Transfer 



Cairo, DOKKI 


Money Transfer 






Money Transfer 






Money Transfer 




Cairo, DOKKI 

Money Transfer 






Money Transfer 





Money Transfer 





Money Transfer 




Cairo, SHOBRA 


Money Transfer 




Cairo, DOWN TOWN 1143 


Money Transfer 




Cairo, HELIOPOLIS 11351 


Money Transfer 




Money Transfer 





Money Transfer 




Cairo, GARDEN CITY 12345 

Money Transfer 




Money Transfer 




Cairo, ALFY 

Money Transfer 




Money Transfer 





Money Transfer 



Cairo, DOKKI 

Money Transfer 





Money Transfer 


Al sad al 3aly or the High dam

I got these info Located in Aswan , It maintain Egypt from The flood and provide a source of electrictity by the electric turbines.

Apple software in Egypt

I was wondering where to buy apple softwares in Egypt til I find the answer and the address of that store selling apple software , It is in Qasr al eini street. near the hospital of qasr eini.  Near a famous restaurant known as ( Abou Shakra) . You will find a store with the apple mark on it.

rain , thunder , and lightning today in Egypt

In Egypt ,Today was a rainy day,  It is the week end friday and It is rainy. I was thinking about rains in the morning and It did happen.
Prepare your Leather Jackets , guys 

Geography in Egypt

Today , I saw this

Facts about the Geography of Egypt
Location: Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, the Red Sea north of Sudan, and includes the 
Asian Sinai Peninsula 
Egyptian Land Size : land: 995,450 sq km
Egyptian Climate / Weather : desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters
Egyptian Population : 76,117,421 (July 2004 est.)
Former Name(s) : United Arab Republic (with Syria)
Egyptian Capital City: Cairo 
Egyptian GDP: $294.3 billion (2003 est.) 
Egyptian Main Industries : textiles, food processing, tourism, chemicals, hydrocarbons, construction, cement, metals 
Egyptian Agricultural products : cotton, rice, corn, wheat, beans, fruits, vegetables; cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats 
Egyptian Currency : Egyptian pound (EGP)

Dar-alfouad hospital Egypt

It is located in 6 october city . It is a specialized hospital in Egypt.

specialities ( as I think )

- all emergency cases
- Heart Surgery
-Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery
Allergy & Immunology, Critical Care Medicine, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Pulmonary Medicine, Rheumatology,
Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neurophysiology, Pediatric Neurology, Psychiatry,

Baga7a or boldly annyong stuff

Baga7a means boldly annying stuff
When someone doing something that annoy you , what can u do?
when u ask your people not to park in a second row and you find someone getting you in trouble of being late for work. and those who drive in wrong directions.

The that role the nile river play in the development of egyptian civilization

Today I read about the Nile, Let me tell you what I read

"Herodotus said "Egypt is the gift of the Nile "and he was correct. 
There is no doubt without the Nile river and its unique annual inundation the ancient Egyptian civilization would have suffered the same fate as the Mesopotamians and Sumerians and it most certainly would not have developed into the magnificent culture it did.

it had a system provided by nature to fertilize their annual agricultural productivity.
Intensive agriculture allows for am economic base to create civilization, an example is the United states. They have intensive agriculture and so people are free to pursue other pursuits beside hunting and gathering food.
Look at countries that do not have reliable agricultural systems like Darfur in the Sudan, people hunt and kill other people for sport and profit because the people can not raise crops and afford weapons . "

I am just thinking of what I read


A workaholic person is the one who addicts to work. I am wondering how long will it take for a person to become workaholic. I think Work has some euphoric effects.

If you are looking for work  in Egypt, I recommend the Friday version of Ahram News paper. It is crowded by a lot of ads about vacancies in Egypt.

a happy wife equals a good life

lol! if you wife is unhappy , she will turn the family life into a hell 

If she is not, you will be not
So you need to make her happy , do not you?
Think and Figure !
maa elsalama

How to live cheaply in egypt

First, Here you can know some thing about the price in Egypt

here is some ideas I got today

-to save some money you should not rent Heliopolis, Zamalek , Mohandiseen , Garden City ...etc , try to rent in areas like Hadayek El Koba, Zayton, Helwan, Abbasseya or Amranya @ Giza

- Use local transportation , unless you can afford to have a car , then use one that is 1300 CC and that can work with fuel 82

-Shop for food at traditional vegetables markets and groceray shops, Other huge supermarkets sell everything with a higher price to cover their operational expenses

-Same applies to cloth shops , no need to shop at Zamalek or at City Stars, you can go to other places that can provide reasonable taste at affordable price, like Down Town shops, Genena Mall at Naser City and Roxy shops at Heliopolis

by shdtt

Flu shot in Egypt

I am wondering if Flu shoot is working good in Egypt. I heard Flu shoot is available in Vacsera of Egypt.  The address of vacsera is 51 Wezaret El Zeraa St. Agouza, Cairo, 22311 , Egypt .

african herbs

Devil's Claw : found in Kalahari desert in Southern Africa, and is pain killer.

hootia : anti-obesity plant  used as appetit suppressant

 Lippia Javanica used the leaves as a poultice to treat fever rashes and chest ailments.

Basil :  the Royal Herb by Egyptians. The oil was rubbed on the temples to ease headaches. In Ghana the stems were used as a cancer treatment. In Angolia it was used for caring for the hair. Varieties of Basil prepared as tea were used to treat migraine and fever. Dried powdered leaf was taken as snuff by the Egyptians.

I think Barack Obama will win

Here is why I think so
Because I read that he is a special person, "Obama is the first African American to be nominated by a major political party for president"

Qatameya Height or Katameya Height And Arabella

I come across some stuff talking about Villas in Katameya Height, They say that there are Golf areas, swimming pools.  The renting price in those areas can exceed 7000 $,  

Safaga port

Located on the red sea, located 53 km (33 miles) south of Hurghada. It is one of the important seaports of Egypt, There is paved road of 164 km (101 miles) connects Safaga to Qena of Upper Egypt. then  to Aswan or Luxor.

Baby milk in Egypt

Here is a list I prepare about the baby milk available in Egypt market

for babies younger than 6 months:
Biomil 1 , aptamil 1, france lait 1, babelac 1 , s 26 1, Nan1, biomil
for babies  older than 6 months:
Biomil 2, aptamil 2 , france lait 2 , babelac 2
for babies older than one year,
the 3 series, progress

there is also a milk free of lactose for those with lactose intolerance
babelac FL

Sleeping Problems and ways to treat it

Valeriana dry extract and humulus lupus extract is very good for sleeping disorders.  Kava kava extract is also good. It is said that  it contains kavalactone which has a calming effect. It is also for anxiety conditions. The advantages of these herbs over barbiturates is that it has no dependence effects. 

Excercise also has a good effect on the body.I think  it activates the indogenous opioids of the body.
There is one more thing I want to talk about, The Talbina ( Name coming from arabic which menas laban or Milk )  It is said to contain Melatonin the hormone which control circadian rhythm.

 Drinking some warm milk before bed time is very useful.
(Dairy foods are a good source of tryptophan, an amino acid that your body converts to melatonin and serotonin — both of which are thought to induce sleep. Other tryptophan-containing foods include oats, bananas, poultry and peanuts.)

Be careful of sleeping bill like Zolam and xanax, they will turn you drowsy the next day, They also has dependence effect with a withdrawal symptoms if you took them for some time periodically.

Weather of October in Egypt

In Egypt during October, there is a Very nice weather. It is still warm but a lot cooler than the previous months which are very hot. The temperature during October is around 30 degrees in the day and around 20 at night.

Electricity plugs in Egypt

The Voltage is about 220 V

The electricty socket is 2 pin one, Looks like this pic

I think If you are coming from Germany or Uk and your device are running on a 3 pin
electrcity  Like This one

Do not worry, You only need this converter which you can buy from an electricty store
as for the 2*3 electricity converter

and Welcome to Egypt

Egypt downtown Map

click on the below image for a full screen

I prepared this map today. This map shows the down town area of cairo

Shorbet lessan el3asfor

Translation The soup of The tongue of the bird

I think It is a common recipe 
It is an easy and rich recipe full of vitamins 
1/2 cup of the lessan el3asfour macarona
1/2  chicken soup extract ( I got a cube of maggie chicken maraqa)
minced parsley
salsa ( tomatoes sause)
some spices

add some water to a pot with the pre-cooked pasta ( fry till redden in some oil)
boil with the chicken soup extract
put the sauce and mix with the spicies.

Keda belhana walshefa

Dove and cracked skin

I was searching for something to moisturise my skin and nourish my skin and I tried a soap called Dove. It is very good soap for dry skin because it contain a moisturising cream, I bought it for 5 egyptian ponds from the pharmacy.

Brain excercise

When you start a new year in a school, YOu suffer from low concentraction and weak memory, This is because your brain ned to excercise. When you want to excercise you need to lift light weight then get gradually into a heavier ones. Do not rush and be gradual in your work and study. I imagine the brain like a computer processor. in fact the computer procesor is the one that is like brain. You can process information. after some updates and helping surrunding information.
You also will need to have a balanced nutrition where all elements of food is present, Proteins, carbohydrates, Fats and Vitamins.
Drinking milkbefore going to school is extremely important
sleeping well is also highly required during the brain excercise

What is Omm Ali or om Ali?

It is a yummy pastry delicious recipe, It is said that the name came from the woman who invented this recipe.

The Ingredients:

1\4 Kil of Phyllo or filo

1\4 Kilo Sugar

one cup of Butter

some broken nuts almond , pistachio, walnut , raisin

1 1/2 Kilo Milk

The mthod

cut the phyllo into some pieces according to the pot size

put the butter and heat till the phyllo take a red couolor

take the red phylo and put it into another plate and put half of them into the plate then add the broken nuts, almond raisin and add then add the other half. heat the milk and add thesugar into it then spill it into the ommo Ali recipe.

leave about 1/4 an hour to soak with the milk then bake for 1\4 an hour.

bel hanaa2 wa shefaa2

The Origin of The AIDS

I read today that some researches said that the origin of the AIDS is because of the arrival of new colonial cities in the sub-saharan africa. 

During this time, the disease was tranfered from thge apes to the human.
I think The more we live the more news we will hear.

Google chrome

This browser launched by ggoogle is wonderful, I just wanted to share the features I have seen with all of you

features of google chrome

Top view of Cairo

This area in down town cairo, a good view of the street of cairo and a less traffic thank the rush hours.

Desert road to pyramids

This Video shows camel ride through the desert in Giza, Egypt to visit the pyramids

The first disposable Tampon is made by the egyptian

I just read that The ancient Egyptians invented the first disposable tampons made from softened papyrus.

The traffic in Egypt

Think This day video is captured from the most crowded are in cairo. It is from a high bulding showing a top view of cars and traffic. There is also something like an old palace.

cairo citadel

the citadel is located near alfostat garden And sour magra eloyoon.
Think It is knows as old cairo

Cost of a tel call to US from a landline in Egypt

I found that today

Calls to

Africa – Asia –America – South America – Hindi Western Islands – Australia – Pacific Ocean.  

3.50L.E- 4.5 LE

Canada – Europe – Caribbean Countries  
3.00L.E-  3.50L.E 

you can control your pill by subscribing to  Call Barring

To subscribe to this service you need to contact Telecom egypt

Hadar Mawt restaurant Egypt

I took this video in that hospital in Faisal area, There is one in Agouza area also.
It offers something called menaddi ( menaddy ) food. I think It is Yemeni recipe.
I ate a yummy meal. There is also an arabian seats ( 23da 3arabi) قعدة عربي

cake of menopause

Ingredient Name Quantity

Soya flour -
Whole wheat flour -
Porridge oats -
Chopped stem ginger
Ground ginger -
Nutmeg -
Cinnamon -
Raisins -
Linseeds -
Sunflower seeds -
Sesame seeds -
Sliced almonds -
Malt extract -
Soya milk

mix the upove with milk and soak- bake- eat

How to format Hard drive using windows vista

I thought It can be useful to all of us. The steps to partition the hard drive using wondeows vist, Let's see the video.

sweat potaoes french fries

How to prapare sweat potatoes french fries. A recipe that not all of us love. I personally love both sweat potatoes and normal potatoes. I also love chipsy.

Words that describe Egypt X y z

I just saw this and thought It is funny to share
Egypt is
X - xenophilic (may be stranger loving area )
Y - Yummy
Z - Zany (funny actions)

Information on sixth october city governorate or city in Egypt

Here I collect saome information about the 6 october city located Near Giza area. It is a large city. There is a lot of markets there Hyperone and carefour.  It is quieter than downtown cairo and Giza and the weather is nicer that other places with less contamination. You can find nice villas with gardens over there. There is also dar alfoad hospital and some private universities. Transport by can be done by CTA Air-conditioned bus from Tahrir or Ramsis or Giza , It costs may be 3 pounds.It take about one hour ride by car to the downtown ( if you are in a non rush our time)

I found the following universities which are located in that egyptian municpality name from a wiki website

I searched for some videos then I found this one showing the 3 lane road to 6th october.

Mubarak and the noble prize for peace

I heard today that President Hosni mubarak is ( or may be) one of the candidates to win noble prize for peace.if that Happen It will be the seconf egyptian president to win the peace nobel prize after Anwar elsadat.

What is noble prize?

 nobel prize was launched after the will of Alfred nobel ( the dynamite inventor) 

I think 3 other egyptian got it, one  in chemistry who is Zewail ,  and peace.

the storming Financial crisis in USA

I read today in the egyptian news paper that America will pay about 800 $ to counteract the ongoing financial crisis. I was thinking today what is behind this financial crisis. will that have an influence over the egyptian? I think yes it will.

cairo Egypt Nile opera view

This video shows The nile
Qasr el nil bridge
opera square
the two lion of qasr elinil ( asdeen 2sr elneel)
reading for all sign in opera

Schooling has bagun in egypt

In Egypt, Today about 19 million students ( according to ahram ) returns back to school.

Students will buy a uniform, books, pencils, notebooks and stuff for the school. There is about 10 days for the feast any way. what will the student buy the feasy stuff or the school stuff or both?

school in egyptian is madrasa
university in egyptian is gam3a
faculty/college is kolia
education is ta3leem

How to make and prepare fuul

This Video is exclusive for I added it to show the way to prpare fuul with the Olive oil as you know there is some other types of fuul
see this link

الفول I know fuul is the beans in English

construction ezz steel egypt

today, I read that Hadeed ezz price of construction exceed 5000 LE per ton.
Think That means an increase of the real estae price/rentasl fees in egypt.

chineese milk scandel

Today there , i knew there is an accident where some babies died or got sick when they ingested a milk in china. I think this may happen when milk is expired or rancid oe badly stored.
There is a real problem , may be in the distributons or the manufacture or the storage.
NB .milk price is jumping nowadays with the oil rpices

carrot salad useful for Daiabetic people

I just saw that this salad recipe is very important to diabetic patients.
This youtube video show the carrot salad, As I know, It also important for the good functionalities of the eye.
It has garlic which is also good for diabetic people

When chicken see you eating their eggs

what do you think of what they do.? first let's see the hatching of the egg

Back to the subject in question, what will happen when they see you eating their eggs.

cars crowd in Egypt

This shows a lot of cars in egypt , on 6 octobre bridge that cover a vast area in cairo and Giza

GPS map showing 6 october bridge

This is an image on nokia running Gps showing 6 october bridge in cairo.

Order sandwich in Egypt

Wherever you are in cairo or Alex, You can Get your sandwich

Mo'men & Cook door restaurants and easy-to-get take-away sandwich

Just call 16600 from your egyptian telephone to get Mo'men

or 16999 to get cook door

Eldowe2a or eldeweqa

Ok I heard this on Tv today, In this area in Egypt, Eldewe2a or eldeweqa o ( I dunno) has fallen over a house and there are a lot of deaths.
Picture below

chloramphenicol found in honey

I just read this, It says that Honey in Egypt is contaminated by chloramphenicol which causes some harmful effect in bone marrow. chloramphenicol is an antibiotic which is sold in pharmacies. Is it good thing that we eat chloramphenicol combined with HOney which fight agains bacteria . May be some can say yes and others will say no.

Alexandria tour Egypt 2008

For anyone of you who may miss Alex, warch this video. It brings some olden good memory to me.

Total asks and Total Bids

I heard this today When the total bids increase over the total asks, Prices decrese.

and when the total asks decrese below the totals bids, price increase.

Sleeping of Eye

Every one of us sleep. Who does not?! In My opinion, people who sleep early is doing a good job for their life in their life.

Lack of sleeping can cause a lot of discomfort.

In my opinion, The Eyes are the most important things that can gain when you sleep well. Eyes usually shine when you sleep.

The eye does sleep, we need to know this.

Is it more than a death?

I was on my way to Alexandria and I was riding as microbus driven by an Alexandrian Driver.

When We reached the check point, A man from the police came and asked for th IDs of

the passengers. He picked some people and wanted to ask them a private question in the

Kiosk. We waited for those people to come for some time. then the drivers and us wanted

to go without them. The driver was afraid to ask about them then he encouraged himself

by asking this strange question to himself in a heard voice. He said " Is it more than a death?"

I just remebered this incident yesterday. according to this phiosophy.When you want to encourage

yourself, you canquestion yourself about the consequencies of these things, if it is not more than a

death, It will be no problem.

Inside the Tomatoes

Inside the tomatoes there is sponge like red material and a seeds. When you live inside the tomatoes  you are living in a red wet cave .  Lol Just imagination

 However, I love  sugary tomatoes

Youtube arabic lessons

Let's learn some arabic, Here we learn arabic alphabets.

From: pbneurogirl

lesson one part one

lesson one part two

smart phone

What does it mean?
Smart phone is a non-stupid phone. It means it can understand what you are looking for.
Is there smart phones and non-smart phone?
What should a phone do other than calling people? I think it should talk to you and amuse
your time and understand your felling and mode.

I just saw a mobile HTC with with with windows mobile phone edition of microsoft. It is a
touch screen phone coming with a 3.2 mega pixel calmera from i 2 egypt.

please call me shoukran vodafone in egypt

Min Fadlak Kallemni shoukran
please call me , thanks
you are in Egypt.
if you have a vodafone line and want someone to call you and get in the chrage,

dial this *505*the telephone number #
the mobile will be sent a message asking the person to call you.

maps of Egypt into nokia mobile

How to download a map into your nokia mobile phone. first, you need a connection of internet and a connection between the computer and the mobile nokia.

download pc suite of the proper model of your phone and then open the program and click nokia maps and the choose the proper nokia map service. open the application and choose egypt to make the propgram download the map from the internet and then install it in your mobile.

after you finish, you have a nokia map of egypt into your mobile

Egyptian Fawar Fawakeh

I tooked to an egyptian Doctor and he told me that there is an endemic microbe in the tap water causing hyper acidity. Those who find their stomach and their chest with a firing pain.
I know there is a microbe known as Helicobacter pilory that cause that abdominal problem.

Egyptian do consume a lot of that Fawar fawakeh which is shown in the above image. I also think this can increase the blood pressure and lead to hypertension. ouff!

Fire on the Parliament of egypt

I saw it on Egyptian Tv but cant believe this, how was that done? and who is the reponsible?

VOD era

what is VOD?

VOD is Video on demand. you want a video order or search or just click on it. tv  and other stuff are an old fashion. what is beyond VOD? It made me think today.od 

yalla good nuit

Egyptian woman multiple birth in Alex

I just saw that on tv, that alexandrian woman gave birth to 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls,
yeb2a enta akeed akeed fi masr
(hence certainly  you are in egypt )
just wanted to share this  with you

nokia maps of egypt

Well, My Dad bought me a mobile nokia n82. It isa a wondeful device coming with a lot of options and software that can make life easy. in the olden days, people were buying maps abd keep calculatibg of their oub kocation, and distances between places. now we have mobiles We just downoad the map into the computer then install it on the mobile phone and make the A.gps antenna calculate the location and track you. Perhaps , For sure, Technology made peoples life easy and rapid.

Depressed mode

Today, In a depressed mode and thinking of doing some new things. I Language exchange is awesome but could not find any one to exchange the language. I am sitting here awake in the morning while the guy who is working with me is sleeping. I opened some video share sites today in the morning. May be those clips made me bothered. My stocks is in a lazy trading market. Should I ran or walk or sleep. My energy is fading out and I have nothing much to do these days. will I learn french or listening to some lessons. I cant even write posts in my key board. Am I ok?

chemcials in egypt

Where to buy chemicals, pesticide, dyes in Egypt

Share3 elgesh  ( El gesh street) in Attaba ( 3ataba) area in cairo  is the place where you can buy chemicals , pesticide, dyes. El gesh in egyptian means the army.

I took the metro train from Faisal metro station and it passed by gamea alkahira ( cairo university) metro station and El-bohos metro station that one near Makar which sells cars. Elbohos means researches. And then I passed by Dokki metro hen anwar elsadat metro station. Then opera metro station then anwar alsadat metro station. Then , mubarak ( ramsis) metro station then attaba metro station where there was crowds.

Fw: some Egypt blog links

The scool bus story

Today, I saw a tidy schol bus. There were neat students in it. Every one of those student
 has a character. One is saying that he learn respect from this great school. the second is
saying he learnt responsibility. the theird learnt how to share. I am thinking
Which one of you weere I. hOw beautiful was the days of learning in schools. me be I was not
thinking so when I was in school but now, I do. This is life

Inside the pyramids

Just saw this, the pyaramids inside video egypt

by egyptian4ever

bohayra in egypt

What is Bohayra? Bohayra or Berka in Egypt is the arabic word for a lake or a pond ( not james pond) There are a lot of boyrat in Egypt. Let's say Bohayret Qarun may be moeris and lake nasser maryot and manzala

How to make money in Egypt

What do you think? I don t know what to write in this post actually. But Do you think there is s a GOOD way to get money . If you know it please Do write it here.

doing the easiest sport in Egypt

What do you think  the easiest sport in Egypt is? I think It is walking into the crowd with no taxis or car to cut down some oil. I heard that the public will not be able to afford oil by 2020 (may be)
Any way I am downloading the  antivirus now.
talke later

To fight against the food and living costs in Egypt

1- live in a small apartment in Bulaq and wear cotton gallabiya for men or cotton dress for a woman.
2- Oil price is increasing. so DON'T buy Oil. You can produce OIL from the garbage.

3- Grow and cook your own plant and food.

4 Heat water in the sun

5-  Eat at home before leaving to block your taste buds from salivation

6- NO for Fast food or Ready made food.

7 Buy a water filter from from egypt let's say Attaba square stores or anywhere and avoid mineral water

8 go for special offers in super markets. It can help

what else can you add?

My blustooth bluesoleil

Today, I am installing my bluetooth usb device bluesoleil and will be read to receive my pictures captured by the mobile to the Pc. It is a lot of fun.
wish someday to find a 50 Kilo bluetooth device, may be
I found the bluetooth name is Bluesoleil the blue sun. there was some bugs in their driver program. I contacted them and waiting for their answer back.

see ya

I was walking in the street of Cairo and I detect a ot of wi-fi lans and blue tooth connections in Egypt. so I think Internet in Egypt is not a problem at all.

In case if anyone want to subscribe to a wireless lan he should buy a wireless router and subscription from any dsl company in egypt. He can have 1 mbps or 2mbps or 5 or 7 mbps.
or 256 kbps or....

Egyptian tales quoted from aanother Blog

I just found this and I thought I can write here with refering to its source

An Egyptian and an American are seated next to each other on a flight from New York.

The American asks if he would like to play a fun-game.

The Egyptian, tired, just wants to take a nap, so he politely declines and rolls over to the window to catch a few winks.

The American persists and explains that the game is easy and a lot of fun.

He says, "I ask you a question, and if you don't know the answer, you
pay me $5, and vice versa."

Again, the Egyptian declines and tries to get some sleep.

The American, now worked up, says, "Okay, if you don't know the answer,
you pay me $5, and if I don't know the answer, I'll pay you $500."

This gets the guy's attention and, figuring there will be no end to this
torment, agrees to the game.

The American asks the first question, "What's the distance from the
earth to the moon?"

The Egyptian doesn't say a word, reaches into his wallet, pulls out a $5
bill, and hands it to the American.

"Okay," says the American, "your turn."

So the Egyptian asks, "What goes up a hill with three legs and comes
down with four?"

The American thinks about it. No answer.

Puzzled, he takes out his laptop computer and searches all his
references. No answer!

He taps into the air-phone with his modem and searches the Internet and
the Library of Congress. No answer.

Frustrated, he sends e-mails to all his friends and coworkers. Checks
the input.

All to no avail! Finally, a long time later, he wakes the Egyptian and
hands him $500.

The Egyptian thanks him and turns back to get his sleep.

The American, more than a little miffed, stirs the Egyptian and asks,
"Well, what's the answer?"

Without a word, the Egyptian reaches into his wallet, hands the American
$5,and goes back to sleep!

the source

Nile view

Nile view from a felluca

A man without Blood

Some Egyptian say to a person who is senseless , Lazy and impolite that He has no Blood ( Ma 3andoush Dam) . I ponder on this statement and thought I need to know more about the Blood. Does it matter? If a person has anemia , will he be impolite and senselss? may be

Egypt in eyes

The Traffic Jam in cairo. you might be stuck there. Lol

See ya

Egypt and Fertilizer industries

I heard today about the fertilizer indusry in Egypt. I think Cultivation needs strong soil and good soil needs fertilizers. I think that storage or manufacture of fertilizer will emmit N2O Gas. That laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide). Now, I think you know one of the cause of the euophoria of Those who lives near the fertilzers factories in Egypt.
As we see in the previous pic, The plants needs a rich soil  to grow healthy and nutritious.
so I think Fertilizer industry is so important. no?

Seafood in Egypt

Wonderful sea food in Egypt. two days ago, I ate sea food in Egypt. It was delcious. This one is called Kaboria ( or abo gallambo). it is delcious. Here is a pic of what  I ate here in Egypt. You know I think Seafood has a lot calcium  and mineral supplement to the body.

abogalambo -

egyptian batta

Egyptian batta or Duck.
I bought a batta today for 80 LE and I cooked it with onion. I ate Okra ( Bamia) and the Batta ( the duck) . It was delicios.

batta -


Quick sandwich in Egypt

Take away the Quick sandwich
This is a restaurant name ( take away one ) Where I got my hot chicken fillet sandwich from today. It way delicious indeed. ummm yummm.

effectif Arguements

I argue very well. Ask any of my remaining friends. I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me. You too can win arguments. Simply follow these rules:

Drink liquor.

Suppose you are at a party and some hotshot intellectual is expounding on the economy of Peru, a subject you know nothing about. If you're drinking some health-fanatic drink like grapefruit juice, you'll hang back, afraid to display your ignorance, while the hotshot enthralls your date. But if you drink several large martinis, you'll discover you have STRONG VIEWS about the Peruvian economy. You'll be a WEALTH of information. You'll argue forcefully, offering searing insights and possibly upsetting furniture. People will be impressed. Some may leave the room.

Make things up.

Suppose, in the Peruvian economy argument, you are trying to prove that Peruvians are underpaid, a position you base solely on the fact that YOU are underpaid, and you'll be damned if you're going to let a bunch of Peruvians be better off. DON'T say: "I think Peruvians are underpaid." Say instead: "The average Peruvian's salary in 1981 dollars adjusted for the revised tax base is $1,452.81 per annum, which is $836.07 before the mean gross poverty level."

NOTE: Always make up exact figures.

If an opponent asks you where you got your information, make THAT up too. Say: "This information comes from Dr. Hovel T. Moon's study for the Buford Commission published on May 9, 1982. Didn't you read it?" Say this in the same tone of voice you would use to say, "You left your soiled underwear in my bathroom."

Use meaningless but weighty-sounding words and phrases.

Memorize this list:

Let me put it this way
In terms of
Per se
As it were
Ipso facto
So to speak

You should also memorize some Latin abbreviations such as "Q.E.D.", "e.g.", and "i.e." These are all short for "I speak Latin, and you don't." Here's how to use these words and phrases. Suppose you want to say, "Peruvians would like to order appetizers more often, but they don't have enough money."

You never win arguments talking like that. But you WILL win if you say, "Let me put it this way. In terms of appetizers vis-a-vis Peruvians qua Peruvians, they would like to order them more often, so to speak, but they do not have enough money per se, as it were. Ergo, ipso facto, case closed. Q.E.D."

Only a fool would challenge that statement.

Use snappy and irrelevant comebacks.

You need an arsenal of all-purpose irrelevant phrases to fire back at your opponents when they make valid points. The best are:

You're begging the question.
You're being defensive.
Don't compare apples to oranges.
What are your parameters?

This last one is especially valuable. Nobody (other than engineers and policy wonks) has the vaguest idea what "parameters" means.

Don't forget the classic: YOU'RE SO LINEAR.

Here's how to use your comebacks:

You say: As Abraham Lincoln said in 1873...
Your opponent says: Lincoln died in 1865.
You say: You're begging the question.
You say: Liberians, like most Asians...
Your opponent says: Liberia is in Africa.
You say: You're being defensive.
You say: Since the discovery of the incandescent light bulb...
Your opponent says: The light bulb is an invention.
You say: Well DUH!

Compare your opponent to Adolf Hitler.

This is your heavy artillery, for when your opponent is obviously right and you are spectacularly wrong. Bring Hitler up subtly. Say, "That sounds suspiciously like something Adolf Hitler might say," or "You certainly do remind me of Adolf Hitler."

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Egypt and Money

All fuel prices along with other stuff have increased. This means all food transportation and other stuff have gone insane. How can that be true when I heard that Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif said the move will not "put any burden on the low income" people.

soda and hydogen peroxide

Today is the week end in egypt ( friday). I looked to myself at the mirror anf I find myself having
a yellow teeth, I searched for something to do
I find a recipe to white the teeth using a paste
of hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate of sodium ( soda)
you make the paste and it will effervescence then put it
on the bruth and wash the teeth.
I think this work by irritate the yellowish layer on the teeth.
I am also thinking that the yellow teeth can result from the weather
and some anerobice bacteria ( may be). or due to Tetracycline which is taken
for the acne ( I doubt)


It is Rokak or ro2a2

Take box of Rokak and divide in half.


1 med onion sliced
1 red capsicum sliced
4 crushed cloves garlic
1 tablespoon cinnamon powder
1/2 teas nutmeg
1 kg ground beef
1 grated carrot
1 teasp crushed black pepper
1/3rd jar tomato puree


Saute the beef and when brown add the other ingredients and saute with 1 cup water for 10 mins.

Dont need to grease the tray!

Break up rokak sheets to fit base of tray in about 5 layers.
Add the ground beef mixture on top.
Break up remaining sheets and fit snugly over the top iof the mixture and using a plate press it all down firmly and leave plate ontop for an hour.

After one hour remove plate and pour over 1/2 cup water mixed with about 2 tablespoons olive oil and sprinkle with more crushed black pepper and salt. The liquid should soak the top rokak and it will become soggy but not soaking. Make sure you line the sides with a few layers of rokak so that it resembles more a pie shape.

Cook in oven at 210 degrees until top is golden and crispy.

Leave to stand for 1 hour before cutting and serving.

You need the cinnamon and nutmeg to make it taste and smell authentic.

No milk?? just water....



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