The that role the nile river play in the development of egyptian civilization

Today I read about the Nile, Let me tell you what I read

"Herodotus said "Egypt is the gift of the Nile "and he was correct. 
There is no doubt without the Nile river and its unique annual inundation the ancient Egyptian civilization would have suffered the same fate as the Mesopotamians and Sumerians and it most certainly would not have developed into the magnificent culture it did.

it had a system provided by nature to fertilize their annual agricultural productivity.
Intensive agriculture allows for am economic base to create civilization, an example is the United states. They have intensive agriculture and so people are free to pursue other pursuits beside hunting and gathering food.
Look at countries that do not have reliable agricultural systems like Darfur in the Sudan, people hunt and kill other people for sport and profit because the people can not raise crops and afford weapons . "

I am just thinking of what I read

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