the mid-year vacation in Egypt

All national schools and universities start their Vacation on Saturday the 31st of January till Thursday the 12th of February.
Egyptian private universities start their holiday one week earlier for 2 weeks.

Activities in Egypt

Cities you may want to visit:
Sharm el Sheikh

Activities you may want to check:
Cairo tower
Baron Palace
Library of Alexandria
Red sea scuba diving or snorkling
Red sea beaches
Malls and cafes
Al Azhar park
Philae Temple
Abu simble Temple
Karnak Temple
the high dam

Egypt Video 2009

I took this Video Jan of 2009 , This shows The River Nile from 2 views one in the first at night and the second in the morning.

And the Second one where you can see Fellucas are parking near the shore of the River Nile

How to create Gif animation Image

First download Gimp for free from the site

Then watch this Video

NOw you can make your own animation Gif

how to make an Ice cream

I just want to share with you this video showing how Ice cream is made
Have a tasty ice cream !

How many people living in egypt?

A question was asked a dn some people answers it like 

1- 80,335,036 - Recorded (July 2007) acc to Google research
2- an estimated 82 million. acc to wiki
3- a friend of mine tell me you cant even walk in egypt because of "za7met nass",that many!!!!!!!!!
The third answer is a bit strange, lol but it was really there

Rice and Milk Budding or Roz bellaban

Rice and Milk Budding or Roz bellaban

رز باللبن or Rozz Bellaban 

Let's see how we can simply prepare this recipe

1- one cup of Rice
2- two cups of water
3- 2 cups of Milk
4- 2 spoonful of Starch
5- Half cup of Sugar
6- one small teaspoonful of Vanillia
7- some raisin or nuts for the beaty of the recipe


Rinse the rice in water for 10 minutes

Mix the Rice with the water and leave it on the stove till the rice become cooked .
Try to to keep the water still there in the rice  

when you feel like the rice is smashed,  put the milk  and mix and mix with them the starch and the sugar,
mix on low flame till you have a tiny boil on the milk and then add the Vanillia

Stir the Mixture and and put them while hot in the a small and deep plates and after they are cold you can put some raisin or nuts on the surface 

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