Rice and Milk Budding or Roz bellaban

Rice and Milk Budding or Roz bellaban

رز باللبن or Rozz Bellaban 

Let's see how we can simply prepare this recipe

1- one cup of Rice
2- two cups of water
3- 2 cups of Milk
4- 2 spoonful of Starch
5- Half cup of Sugar
6- one small teaspoonful of Vanillia
7- some raisin or nuts for the beaty of the recipe


Rinse the rice in water for 10 minutes

Mix the Rice with the water and leave it on the stove till the rice become cooked .
Try to to keep the water still there in the rice  

when you feel like the rice is smashed,  put the milk  and mix and mix with them the starch and the sugar,
mix on low flame till you have a tiny boil on the milk and then add the Vanillia

Stir the Mixture and and put them while hot in the a small and deep plates and after they are cold you can put some raisin or nuts on the surface 


Anonymous said...

thanks for the rice pudding recipe. also, your interests seeem varied and cool. well, enjoy egypt! i was going to move there this year, but now it'll just be for a visit! I wish you the best, and thank you for taking the time out to make this blog. ciao!

Anonymous said...

Hello, welcome, I hope you enjoy the rice pudding. I hope you a good visit to Egypt.

Take care and Ciao

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