Ghayboba الغيبوبة in Arabic means Amnesia or coma, What I meant here to talk about is The egyptian Ghayboba, Those People in the streen when you meet and ask you understand what they want to explain. Today, It happens and I met a sales man of Bicycle and I asked him about the price , he told me then after we agree He told me another Price. May be He was on drugs. Tramadol was a common thing I hear some people addict in Egypt. But, Recently, I heard It was censored and Limited by the Egyptian Health ministry. May be It gives you a state of indiffernce and Euophoria. you smile all the time.
"Tambla" or may be "tampla" in Egyptian means you imitate a temple.
Sabba7 el tambla means Good morning being a temple.
It is an Ironic expression to say this person is not concentrating and he has a state of Indiffernce. So, He is like a temple.

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