The Egyptian kitchen

In any Egyptian kitchen, you usually have to have the following basic ingredients.
Ghee or oil
Feta cheese
Spices (List)
Meat: mainly beef, chicken, pigeons. Alexandrians and Marsa Matrohians  eat more fish than the rest of us.
Foul medammes (Egyptian beans)
Lentils and pasta for Koshari reasons

The basic idea is to have three humongous meals. In my family, the afternoon meal (around 4-5 pm) was the hot one, but there are families who have their hot meals in the evening, and others have all three meals hot  , and some don't have no hot meals at all, not to mention those who don't have meals PERIOD.

The hot meal consists of the following:
- White rice.
- A vegetable pot, almost always cooked with tomato, onion, and garlic sauce.
- One or two sorts of meat.
- Some add bread, especially in the countryside.
- A colorful pot of salad.

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