Ice cream

I love Ice cream so much . Does anyone ask himself about the ice cream history? I get some data from wiki link.
Ancient civilizations had saved ice for cold foods for thousands of years. Mesopotamia has the earliest icehouses in existence, 4,000 years ago, beside the Euphrates River, where the wealthy stored items to keep them cold. The pharaohs of Egypt had ice shipped to them. In the fifth century BC, ancient Greeks sold snow cones mixed with honey and fruit in the markets of Athens.[citation needed] Persians, having mastered the storage of ice, ate ice cream well into summer. Roman emperor Nero (37–68) had ice brought from the mountains and combined with fruit toppings. Today's ice treats likely originated with these early ice delicacies. [1]

Ice cream was the favourite dessert for the caliphs of Baghdad. The Arabs were the first to add sugar to ice cream, and were also the first to make ice cream commercially, having factories in the 10th century. It was sold in the markets of all Arab cities in the past[2]. It was made of a introduced to the west by Arabs, through Sicily.[3]It was made of a chilled syrup or milk with fruits and some nuts.

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