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Feet are hardest working parts of the body, but we rarely make time to give them the attention they need. A weekly pampering pedicure and massage is the answer and will leave feet feeling refreshed and ready for action.

If u have dark underarms or any skin discoloration in ur skin this will work for u .

Things u need:
Antibacterial soap
Pumic stone (the black natural one)
Any lotion that contains about 10% alpha hydroxy acid
Rexsol whitening cream
Baby powder

1- while u r taking a shower rub ur underarms with ab soap until it's all foamy leave if for a min at this time rub ur knees (if they r dark) or ur feet with the punic stone not to hard though gently. Then go back to ur underarms n scrub them in a very gentle circular motion. Rinse with water. Using the ab soap helps get rid of the bacteria that causes odor dry the area well then apply the AHA lotion.

2- after half an hour or more apply the whitening cream. This has to be before going to bed.

3- in the morning wash the area thoroughly with soap n water. Dry and dust with baby powder. Avoid using deodorants coz some of the deodorants cause skin darkening but if u really really have to use the ones for sensitive skin.

4- don't use the pumic stone everyday like every other day but try using the loofa everyday.

5- for even better results u can soak in a salt bath or u can scrub the area with lemon and baking soda.

6- don't even think about shaving. U can wax or sugar the area I'll tell u how if u don't know

Any questions? I'll be more than happy to answer :) #END

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