Winter in Egypt

People tend to think that the winter in Egypt is so nice and warm and sunny and cosy. Which is not exactly true.

Let's talk about the Egyptian winter for those who actually plan to spend extended periods of time in Egypt or winter holidays there.

I find Cairo and Alexandria to be much colder than Luxor or Aswan, in winter. To me, even cooler Egyptian weather is tropical, compared to the freezing reality of home. Being in an Egyptian house is very much colder than in a well insulated hotel room.

A few years ago, we experienced a weird little flash flood in Luxor. This was very unusual, as it rarely rains there (a few spots, perhaps, occasionally). What impressed me was how quickly the fallen trees were removed from the roads. Before that, it was well over a decade since I experienced real rain in Luxor. I remember the problems it caused due to the construction of many homes.

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