Histroy of Internet in Egypt

Full Internet services started in Egypt in October 1993, at the Egyptian Universities Network and the Cabinet Information & Decision Support Center (IDSC), via a 9.6K link to France carrying the Bitnet as well as Internet traffic. Several initiatives, by public and private organizations, were taken before that date for the provision of partial Internet Services in the country. The user community was estimated by that time to be about 2000 - 3000 users. Egypt Telecom: the Arab Republic of Egypt National Telecommunication Organization.(ARENTO) is providing the basic infrastructure.

In 1994, the Egyptian domain was divided into three major subdomains. The academic subdomain "eun" provides the service via the gateway at the Supreme Council of Universities. Eun stands for the Egyptian Universities Networks and provides the service for the universities and schools. The "sci" subdomain serves the scientific research institutes at the Academy of Scientific Research via Enstinet as well as other research centers like the National Telecommunication Institute. The gateway at IDSC/RITSEC provides its services for the governmental authorities under .gov.eg as well as to the commercial entities served via the various Internet Service Providers (ISP's).

Digital data access is provided to the end user using digital multiplexors. The first digital public backbone network installation in Cairo has been established jointly between IDSC/RITSEC, and ARENTO to provide a digital connectivity for the different Internet sites in Egypt. Interconnectivity has been drastically improved by the setup of a number of digital multiplexors as the first digital backbone for data communication in the country. Fiber international connectivity was made available on SEMEWE-2 or satellite via Intelsat and thus the basic obstacles of the infrastructure limitations have been overcome. An ambitious project regarding the deployment of VSAT services for Internet connectivity will provide the rural areas in Egypt with the necessary data communication infrastructure.

Starting January 1996, the gateway speeds have been increased by nearly 20 times. The user numbers have increased to 20,000 users in the government, business, and education sectors. IDSC/RITSEC started to provide connectivity to private service providers under the .com.eg domain, while some providers have their own international gateways.

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