what "yes" and "no" are in Egyptian and any other useful phrases to quote?

Thank you = shukran
Hello = ahlan
How are you = ezayek for a female and ezayak for a male
How much does it cost = bekam
thank you=shokran
hello= ahlan
bye= salam
where is ....?= fein ...
how to go to ....= ezay arouh ....
can i ?= momken
shops= mehalat
Fayn il........ Where is the

Bikam? How much?

Ana Ismi..... My name is....

(Mumkin) Ana Owza (or Ayza).... (Is it possible) I want...

Me - Ana
You (Male) - Enta
You (female) - Enti
He - Huwwa
She - Hiyya
We - Ihna
You (Plural) - Intu
They - Humma

My/Mine (male) - Bitaa'ee
My/Mine (female) - Bitaa'tee

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