Men are like

Blenders ~ you know you need one, but you're not quite sure why.

Babies ~ cute at first but you soon get tired of cleaning up after them.

Coffee ~ the best types are rich and warm and can keep you going all night.

Colds ~ you can never get rid of a bad one in a hurry.

Copiers ~ you need them for reproduction...but that's about it.

Dawn ~ full of promise, but usually turn out to be the same old routine.

Diamonds ~ in their natural state they are rough and ugly. If you want them polished you have to do it yourself.

Fish ~ they get themselves into trouble because they can't keep their mouths shut.

Horoscopes ~ they tell you what to do ~ and are usually wrong.

Lava lamps ~ fun to watch but not all that bright.

Mascara ~ difficult to handle...and runs at the first sign of emotion.

Mini skirts ~ if you're not careful they will creep up your legs.

Place mats ~ they only show up when food's on the table.

Remote controls ~ simple and easy to use, and usually found lying near the tv.

Soap operas ~ fun to watch but you can't believe a word you hear.

Spray paint ~ one squeeze and they are all over you.

TVs ~ you can turn them on instantly.

Vacuum cleaners ~ not much fun, but at least you can push them around.

Wine ~ made by stamping the raw material and keeping it in the dark until it matures

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