I work with cancer breast ladies daily ,as they undergo imaging of their breasts .

Anyway , i wanna stress that annual mammographic asessment after age of 40 is of extreme importance ...

Maybe breast self examination( BSE) incraesed DETECTION but i find it difficult to believe it increased incidence . more women are seeking advice when feeling new lumps in their breasts , sometimes too small to be felt on regular clinical exams ..and many times they were only felt coz she was examiing herself not because it is a remarkably felt lump .

Breast cancer is a curable cancer , and it is really crucial if discovered early , sometimes it presents without a felt mass ! and in many instances it is dicovered on annual imaging performed for screening , before it is palapable for the doctor or the lady herself ..
again , it doesn't have to present with a lump ...!!!! i saw frequesnt cases where , we locate suspicious calcifications and when they are taken out by a biopsy they turn out to be a carcinoma or an "insitu" , the latter is a stage preliminary to developing cancer , if left undetected will certainly develop cancer ...
so , pls pls , do breast self exam monthly together with annual mammography after age of 40 ,
those with a postive family history will need to start their mammographic screening ,maybe as early as 30 years of age ...

Denial is one of other stages any natural human being goes through when he is told that he might be dying ... anyway these stages end wih acceptance.. usually ..

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