Someone wrote That about Marriage in Egypt

the recent facts:
in the usa, u must take all documents, all your marriage papers, divorce papers death certificates and birth certificates all first to the secretary of state to be authenticated.. 2nd: all the papers that the state gives u back with all authentications on it and the reference paper they give u, u must send these to the egyptian embassy in the usa, ny ny for the egyptian stamp on the back of these documents. wihtout these, u cannot legally be married in egypt. i have done it and i am going to do it again. these things have to be done before u marry in egypt. 3rd. make sure u got your visa from the egyptian embassy in ny ny at the same place. look these addresses up on line. o and dont tell them about your marriage plans.. they dont take kindly to those reasons on a tourist visa. 4th, once u r in egypt, you and your man have to go to the us embassy in cairo(dokki) to sign a paper(and also show your proof documents u have) that u r free to marry. and the man must take a special paper to be singed by his church or mosque people saying he is free to marry. for christian: saying he has never been married. there was also some other funky paper i signed there but i couldnt read the arabic and my husband was filling in answers. 5th. must apply for marriage at the ministry of justice building(garden city) and also there u r to be married. and u must have 2 male witnesses there with u. no women. the egyptians pick any men in the waiting room and ask them, if u cant bring anyone u know. in this building, your egyptian man will have to do all the talking because there is not much english being spoken there. and the actual marriage is horrible to me. o yeah, u must take 5 photos of your face and 5 photos of your mans face to be stapled to the marriage papers during the marriage. all u do is sign the papers. now the new laws egyptian is the muslim marriages r now being recorded by a mazoon(like a judge). but it is not a legal marriage unless u follow those embassies laws. which r the ones i told u. usa has states which govern groups of cities and counties.

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