Fuul bel samna wel tamatem

I just had a bread with fuul belsamna. I squeezed two lemon although I think it is not common to put lemon into the samna fuul. I tried and I got a wonderful results. By the way, some people put some pieces of tomatoes ( tmatem) into the fuul and it ends up being more tasteful. Indeed, There are multiple ways one should prepare fuul by. I am going to write about some of them.

1- Fuul be sauce
A certain sauce is added to the recipe which gives it characteristic odour and taste.

2-Fuul belbeed
That would mean a full with Eggs. we can put wither strips of a boiled egg or an omelette.

3-Fuul bezeet alzayton
That would mean a fuul with olive oil. this recipe would certainly reduce the cholestrol level due to Olive oil content.

I'm finished with my fuul today. ttyl
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