Places to eat in Egypt

I don't like to advertise for some places that does not worth it. honestly, I don't trust restaurant in Egypt. I like to get my food from big super markets but still that is not nice. Honestly, I like eating and moving so I am not fat or thin. however, the types of food I will or can eat bewilder my mind sometimes.
Here I am going to write some tips for eating in Egypt.

  • If you can cook yourself, please do. If not try to choose something that has just been finished on a takeaway place to guarantee that the food is fresh.
  • Take care of the fried stuff. However, those fried things are yummy but It is harmful especially with that non-fresh oil( I assume it is).
  • Olive Oil is a good choice to use . There are a lot of brands in Egypt. I'm usually puzzled to make a choice out of all those brand. I think moderate price is usually working.
  • Try to increase the Carbohydrates as I'm afraid to tell you that you sometimes may need to walk long distances in those Egyptian street(jungle)
  • Usual consumption of Chicken breasts daily about 1/4 Kgm.
Enough for today, Ma'salama

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