what is Franco-arabic?

I hear this name a lot. I don't know where this synonym came from. It mean That the writer will write a thing in the arabic language but not in the arabic letters.
for example :
7omar-  -- donkey حمار


Anonymous said...

Franco Arabic in music refers to a style similar to modern Arabic Pop where there is a fusion of Arabic and Western music. Leading artists in this genre include Dalida and Aldo who had a couple of huge hits in the mid - late 90's with Yalla and Mish Momkin.
Both can be found in Wikipedia

Hope it helps...great music too by the way

Anonymous said...

hey, Franco is for french language, is not it?

Anonymous said...

The literal translation is French but in much the same way as the term 'Lingua Franca' it is applied as a generic term for foreign in a western sense

Anonymous said...

It makes sense.
shukran ;)

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