Talbeena or talbina ( malt powder with its fibers) and it's medical values.

It is the powder of malt with the malt fibers. It is sold here in Egypt. It has a lot of medical benefits.

Method of preparation:
put them in a pot with some water and boil till it becomes like a milk, then but some milk and some blossom honey. then eat.


Medical benefits:
reduce cholestrol level.
help against constipation.
Provide Vitamin B family to the body
act as antidepressant due to potassiom , magnesiom and Antioxidants.
protection from Ischemia and coronary atheresclerosis
colon relief
stimulation of liver and bladder
protection against cancer
cleaning the stomach
increase the mental capacity.
contains tryptophan that used for tryptophan biosynthesis
and others ISA

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Otroforominero said...

Hello I were looking for miracleous medicines all around. Always are traditional treatments with herbs and vegetal materials. Please tell me were i can get talbina. This tesore from the arab world.

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