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Back to the 80s, while I was a child. I was excited by computers. I had my first computer which was commadore64  and I was playing  exciting classic games. It was a simple games but It was really amusing!  That old computer was broken down when I moved to Egypt, I tried to repair it but I failed. all those years passed and now we are in 2007, I find an easy way to emulate my computer to work as a commadore64 via a program known as com64 emulator [you can google it and find it in]. It is available for download. It is a strange feeling when you find yourslef playing the old games again and refresh the childhood period. In 1980, There were no those computers or  internet in Egypt or elsewhere I think. Time passes and now we have mobile phones. if we are still alive, after 20 years we can talk about 2007 and take some memories of that ancient age. I think The more We grow, the more we see modern things. so then, I will stay like the ancient technology as It had my old best times.
Here is a picture of the operating system, I was using with commodore.
The image


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