when it comes to new Technology, watch out you are watched! Wow 3G in da Egypt!

New Technology is usually surrounding us, Today, By this 3G technology of the Mobile era in Egypt. we can video call each others. The more I hear about it, the more my brain becomes more distracted. what would our destiny be? who knows!
We have Vodafone and Etisalat in Egypt licensed to this third generation mobile HI-tech.Finally,  Mobinil is also had some loansto get a license after Its refusal of  participating into the contest. who else wanna join the football match?

I just read this in that famous website. "In Europe, 3G services were introduced starting in March 2003 in the UK and Italy. The europeanunion Council suggested that the 3G operators should cover 80% of the European national populations by the end of 2005."

Oh! Did I forgot to mention that we can now watch youtube movies into the mobile 3 screen by that 3.5 G. I don't know what is that 0.5 that was added to number 3. They sometimes say it's 3.5 G.  you can access the world wide web by a high speed connection.

wessalam for now

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